Event No.8: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Championship Crowns Chanracy Khun

Chanracy Khun was the last player seated at Event No.8: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship. He won $507,020 and his maiden World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet after beating Doug Polk.

The champion stated in an interview after his victory that he felt relieved after winning and admitted it wasn't an easy feat. He made a few errors in the game's late stages as his rail pressured him. Even so, he remained focused and won the match.

Khun was elated to defeat Polk, a poker legend in that format, an achievement that many poker players haven't made. He added that one has to use a unique strategy when facing different rivals in a heads-up event. Polk was most spectators' favorite when he got into the tournament.

What Were the Top Prizes?

  1. Chanracy Khun from Canada – $507,020
  2. Doug Polk from the U.S. – $313,362
  3. Chris Brewer from the U.S.-$192,513
  4. Sean Winter from the U.S. – $192,513
  5. Roberto Perez from Spain – $74,648
  6. Anthony Zinno from the U.S. – $74,648
  7. Landon Tice from the U.S. – $74,648
  8. Eric Wasserson from the U.S. – $74,648

The Semi-Final Action's Highlights

Poker diehards hadn't settled when the outer feature table broke a large pot. Winter and Khun clashed in a three-bet pot on level one with 400 big blinds. But, the former raised a flop to extend his run.

Four cards from the river landed a straight on the board as Winter placed a big wager prompting Khun to move all in. The former didn't rush to call it off as the latter made an eight-high straight. Winter got a seven-high straight but Khun shocked many people when he reached the final table.

Brewer and Polk's Battle

Polk and Brewer's match was dramatic before it unfolded as each of them had the chip lead for a while in its early stages. Yet, they clashed in a preflop raising battle when the stacks almost evened.

Brewer made an all-in five-bet shove and Polk snap-called. Unfortunately, the former's pocket kings dominated the latter's pocket queens. Viewers keenly followed the action to see which card either player would pick.

Odds didn't change despite an eight-high flop and the brick made Polk drew to two outs. Still, a queen on the river excited the rail as Brewer lost some big blinds despite doubling up.

How the Final Heads-Up Unfolded

Khun and Polk had a matchup on the Main Stage, each of them having rowdy fans. None of them got an edge fast as they exchanged the stack lead for a few hours.

Polk got a vital stack lead later in the night after winning several consecutive pots including a nut-full house that paid him on two streets. But Polk took the lead after several minutes before bluffing all chips on the river.

Khun detected his opponent's move and made a fast double-up call. He made a button limp and Polk made a big blind all-in shove. Khun stunned his rail when his dominating king-high sent Polk packing as a runner-up.


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