MLB Betting Sites

Major League Baseball (MLB) is a favorite among sports bettors. Considered America’s pastime, baseball is a game sports fans enjoy globally. From the first pitch to the bottom of the ninth inning, baseball offers limitless excitement and betting opportunities.

When it comes to MLB betting, you may be wondering where you should place your wagers. If you are new to sports or baseball betting, you may be unsure of which sites offer the best and most secure services. Below is a complete guide to online MLB betting sites and an introductory “How to Bet on MLB” section. Check out all the details and sign up at a new sports betting site today.

Operator Summary

Below are three top operators that we suggest you sign up with if you’re interested in MLB betting. Each of these sites provide quality sports betting services on all sports, including MLB. Review what each site offers below and get started with a new player account, including accessing quality sign up promotions.

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MLB Betting at

One of the most trusted sportsbooks available today is BetOnline. During the baseball season, the site posts MLB betting lines and odds each day with hundreds of props and live betting options. Just click on the Baseball section on the left-hand side of the sportsbook to get started. From there, you’ll find all available MLB markets including props and futures.

As a new player, use cryptocurrency to deposit and you will earn a 100% bonus. There is also a 50% welcome offer for traditional payment methods. After you access the welcome deal, be sure to take advantage of additional deals including the 25% sports reload bonus.

MLB Betting at

Another great option and sister site to BetOnline is Here, you will find premium MLB betting lines and odds from Spring Training to the World Series. provides the same great promotions as BetOnline including the 100% Crypto welcome bonus and 50% welcome bonus. You can also get a $50 free bet when you use your mobile for the first time! Once you are a full member of the site and take advantage of these deals, even more is offered to you including a 25% reload bonus and fun events.

MLB Betting at

As the US version of the Bodog brand, Bovada is a top-rated gambling brand that features a comprehensive sports betting section. For MLB fans, the site provides access to quality baseball betting options from futures and props to live betting and more. During the regular season, the top games will be highlighted on the homepage of the site. When the season is not in play, any betting options like futures will be posted under the baseball category.

New players to Bovada can access a sports betting welcome deposit bonus. Use crypto and you can earn a 75% bonus worth up to $750. With a traditional payment method, the site is offering a 50% bonus worth up to $250.

How to Bet on MLB

If you are new to betting on baseball, then you may have no idea where to start. Sportsbooks like BetOnline, Bovada and Sportsbetting will offer you all the most popular betting markets. It’s important to understand the rules of baseball and review statistics to help you make decisions. When you know more about the players and teams it’s easier to make informed betting decisions.

MLB Betting Basics

Since betting on baseball is different from football and basketball, it’s vital to understand the primary wagers available for MLB betting sites.

Moneyline: The moneyline bet is the one that is similar to other sports wagers, in that there is always going to be a favorite team per the odds set for every game. If Team A is listed at -125 and Team B is +115, it means that Team A is the favorite and the payout will be less if they win. By betting $100 on Team B, however, a win for that team pays out $115.

Runline: A run line is a point spread that separates teams by only 1.5 points. If Team A is listed at -1.5, it means the team must win by two or more runs to pay off. It is a risky bet due to the fact that most MLB games are decided by only one run, but the bets can be profitable if well-timed.

Totals or Over/Under: When the odds are set for teams, the total will also be set, and wagers can be placed as to whether the total number of runs scored in the game will be more or less than the number set by bookmakers.

Parlay: Every betting site gives bettors the chance to combine bets on multiple teams and markets to create a parlay. This is especially popular in baseball due to the large number of games played on any given day.

First 3/5/7: A normal baseball game is 9 innings but with F3, F5 and F7 betting options, you can make the game as long as you want to as bets are settled after the inning you’ve called for. For example, if you bet an F5 moneyline, and your team is winning after the fifth inning, you win your bet.

Live betting: Possibly the best sport for in-game betting, baseball offers countless opportunities to find value mid-game. Whether it’s a tiring pitcher or a bad decision by a manager, bettors are more often turning to in-game betting rather than betting a game pre-flop.

Beyond Basics

Experienced MLB bettors study several factors to inform their moneyline wagers. The pitchers are important, not only the starting pitchers but the relievers as well. Bettors can study statistics like innings pitched and earned run averages. The hitters are the second factor to consider, as the starting lineup will offer information on each hitter, such as plate appearances and on-base percentages.

Run line strategies can get complicated, as they require looking at the odds and converting them into the chance-of-winning percentages.

Since baseball is usually played in open-air stadiums, weather is an important factor when betting, not only for the conditions of the field but the ability of the ball to travel. This can be impaired by rain, humidity, and heat. And windy conditions obviously play a role.

MLB Betting Strategy

The long season and numerous games on any given MLB slate offer countless opportunities to find an edge on betting sites. First, it’s important to find the site with the best lines and least amount of juice. Second, placing educated bets and developing a personal system will generally give bettors a reasonable chance of coming out ahead at the end of the season.

The primary consideration for bettors, however, is bankroll management. Plan for the long season so as not to run out of betting funds just when the betting system is starting to pay off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Features Should Quality MLB Betting Sites Provide?

Such sites as Bovada, and BetOnline provide essential betting lines and odds for MLB betting. You also have access to quality banking methods for deposits and withdrawals plus bonuses and other promotions.

How Do I Sign Up At a Sportsbook?

When you choose to sign up at one of our recommended sites, you simply need to create an account. Click the Join Now or Sign up Button at the site to fill out a small form to get started.

How Do I Make a Deposit?

To be able to wager with real money, you need to make a deposit. To do this, visit the cashier and click on the deposit option. You will then choose a deposit method and start the process to add funds to your account.

What Betting Options are Offered for MLB?

Top betting formats you will find at sportsbooks include Runline, Totals (Over/Under), Moneyline, Futures, Parlays, and Prop Bets, among other options.