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US Gambling Sites

US gambling sites

Welcome and thanks for visiting As our name suggests, the purpose of this site is to help Americans find trustworthy, reputable and honest places to gamble online. We only list 100% safe, secure and tested gambling websites. We know it can be difficult for US players to find great sites to play at that offer fast deposits and payouts, which is why we’ve personally tested these 5 sites listed below that we highly recommend for American players.

Here’s Our List of The Top 5 US Gambling Sites for October 2020

Gambling Site Bonus Bonus Code Products Sign Up Link
Wild Casino

Wild Casino

Online Casino
Super Slots

Super Slots

Online Casino

Bet Online

Casino, Sports, Poker
Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino

Casino, Poker


Casino, Sports, Poker

On our site, you’ll find in-depth coverage of the US online gambling market with expert insights and analysis from our team of experienced journalists. We’ve also built detailed sections on gambling sites by state, as well as reviews of the top options for online casinos, online sports betting and poker sites, all of which happily accept US players and have great reputations within the industry.

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The Online Gambling Market In The USA


Although it sounds simple, online gambling in the US is not as easy as it sounds and Americans generally need to rely on international sites to find options for sports betting, online casino and poker games.

Because the USA has yet to legalize online gambling at the federal level (it’s determined by each state), the gaps are filled by sites run outside of the United States.  This may sound intimidating or shady at first, but the reality is that most of the big international sites (and those listed here) are 100% trustworthy and have been online for many years.

Since Americans historically had no regulated gambling sites to play at, international operators started springing up in the 1990s to fill the void and many have gone on to become massive operations serving thousands of players each day. These days, the international sites still offer better game selections, bonuses and deposit/withdrawal options for real money, so we still recommend them for US players over the newer stateside websites. They also tend to offer much better ongoing promotions and comps to their players since they aren’t restricted with red tape and regulations like many of the local options.

To help give you some more insight on the market, below are some of the most frequently asked questions that US players have before signing up with a site:

Can you gamble online in the US?

Yes, there are dozens of online gambling sites that cater to US players for casino, sports betting and poker.

The US market is comprised of regulated and international sites, both of which are viable options depending which state you live in.

Because only a few states have regulated online gambling, most players still prefer the international sites which are a completely safe option as most have been around for 10-20 years.

Which gambling sites are legal in the USA?

Lots of players have questions about certain sites and whether or not they are legal in the US.  All of the international sites are legal according to the World Trade Organization so players don't need to worry about gambling at a reputable international site.

Some of the popular sites that are legal in the US include Bovada, Bet Online, Ignition Casino, Wild Casino and Cafe Casino just to name a few, though there are many more options for real money.

What are the most recommended US gambling sites?

While the best will change from site to site based on player preferences, it’s generally accepted that the top sites include Wild Casino, Bet Online and Bovada.

This is because the groups that operate these sites have been in the industry for over 20 years and have good reputations for fair games and paying out players.

What is the top online casino for US players?

In our opinion, the best online casino is Wild Casino (part of the Bet Online group) since it offers very good deposit options, lots of games and super fast payouts.

What is the top sports betting site for US players?

The best bet for online sports bettors is which has been around for 20+ years, offers high limits and good lines for all major sports in the US and abroad.

What is the top poker site for US players?

For online poker, we recommend Ignition Poker (from Bovada group) because it has the biggest player pool in the USA, best games and good bonus offers for new players.

What are gambling apps?

Gambling apps are offered by sites to allow you to easily place bets and gamble from your mobile device. Most of the US operators don’t have apps (since they are international) but do offer mobile friendly versions of their site so you can play directly from your phone or tablet easily.

Can I gamble on my phone or tablet?

Yes, as we mentioned in the question above all US gambling sites offer a mobile friendly version of their website which you can use on phone or tablet.

How do I deposit for real money to gamble online?

Lots of new players are worried about playing for real money when they start out, but the truth is the sites use bank-level encryption to store your payment details.

There are many different options in the US when it comes to depositing for real money. The most popular options are credit cards, followed by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, money transfer services like Money Gram or Western Union and finally eCheck (which is rare these days).

By and large most US players use credit cards, with most sites accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What are signup and deposit bonuses?

Because the online gambling industry is so competitive, sites will offer you and incentive (bonus) to signup and play with them versus their competition.

Typically this is done by matching your first deposit (example: deposit $100 and we'll give you $100) so you have a larger bankroll when you begin playing at the site.

You may be wondering how they can afford to do this? The answer is rollover, meaning bonus takers are required to bet their balance plus bonus a certain amount of times before it can be cashed out. This is to ensure the site has a fair change at winning the money before meeting rollover.

For example, a $100 deposit plus $100 bonus with a 10X rollover means you'd need to wager $2,000 before you could cash out.  This does not mean lose, but rather place bets exceeding $2,000, so for example a $10 winning bet on slots contributes $10 off the wagering requirements.

Where is online gambling legal in the US?

Online gambling has been regulated in a few states like New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Colorado.  More states are expected to come online each year and legislation moves its way through the courts.

That being said, the best options are still the international sites for US players since they offer bigger bonuses, better games and faster payouts versus the regulated sites with tons of bureaucracy.

Is online gambling safe?

Yes, while the majority of the US sites are still based international, the ones that have lasted this long for the most part are reputable. We only list trustworthy gambling operators on our website so you can be sure your money (and winnings) are safe.

How old do you have to be to gamble online?

In general, the average minimum gambling age across the nation is 21 years old. However, there are a few states that do allow gamblers to be a minimum of 18 years old.

Do I have to pay taxes on online gambling winnings?

In the USA you need to report and pay taxes on gambling winnings, but can also deduct losses. Due to the nature of international gambling and particular the prevalence of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in transactions, sites do not report to the Government and the onus is on players to keep a record of their gambling.

Gambling Laws By US State

One of the interesting nuances about US gambling laws is that many are decided on a state level, and because of this there are different regulations put in place state by state, as well as varying acceptance levels from different sites. 

To keep up with the legal gambling landscape across the nation visit our legal US online gambling page to know exactly where each state stands on gambling. Below you’ll also find a list of all US states providing you with an in-depth review of their current status on legal online gambling.

History Of Online Gambling USA

While the USA is historically one of the more challenging regions in the world when it comes to online gambling, the tides are changing and new regulations mean players from many states now can play completely legally online.

With recent changes to US laws including the repeal of PASPA, as well as intense lobbying from gaming companies globally, the American market is finally starting to open up to legalized and regulated gambling – which is great news for US players whom typically have been weary of international sites (with good reason).

It all begin in 1994 in the Caribbean nation of Barbuda and Antigua, where online gambling was first to be regulated under the Free trade and Processing Act. The island granted licensing to companies who offered gambling services online. InterCasino became the first online gambling site in 1996. Following this launch, many sites, gaming developers and gaming commissions followed suite.

By 1998, it was reported that online gambling revenues had reached well over $825 million US. Between the launch of Planet Poker and the opening of Microgaming online casino games, online gambling had really taken off. In 2000, sports betting joined the fold, pushing online gambling to an all time high and just when everyone thought online gambling had peaked, what is known as the Poker Boom occurred in 2003. This refers to the amount of poker players online doubling each year from then on until

But as they say,’what goes up, must come down’; and with that said, in 2006 the US unexpectedly banned all online gambling services under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Although the act of gambling online was never outlawed, banning financial transactions essentially shut down the industry. Finally, in 2011 the DOJ reviewed the Wire Act and disclosed that the law only applied to sports betting. This opened the door for states to regulate Online Casino gambling and Online Poker gambling. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey were the first to make the move. New Jersey then continued the fight for legal sports betting by taking on PASPA, which concluded in 2018 with its overturning.

Major Online Gambling Laws

There are two main federal laws that focus on online gambling in the US:

Wire Act – The Federal Wire Act was introduced in 1961 and signed off by JFK with the principle purpose of making interstate gambling illegal as a way to combat organized crime.  As a package of 8 different bills under the Inter-State Anti-Crime Acts, the Wire Act originally sought to make illegal transactions related to gambling (bookmaking for example) across state lines and had nothing to do with the Internet (as it wouldnt even exist for another 30 years).

After the advent of the Internet, the law was re-purposed as a way to combat telephone bookmaking, and later international companies that were offering betting services to Americans online.

One thing that’s important to note about this law is that it specifically focuses only on sports betting and has nothing to do with online casino games or online poker.  It’s believed that a major part of this has to do with protecting the integrity and profits of the professional sports leagues that operate in the US.

UIGEA – Known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, UIGEA is a bill that was passed in 2006 by George W. Bush that focuses on restricting banks from processing transactions in the US related to online gambling.  In a nut shell, the law makes it illegal for banks to knowingly approve credit card and other transactions if the customer is attempting to make a deposit at an
online gambling site.

Initially, the fallout from this law was massive, with many of the top operators and publicly traded gaming companies at the time resigning to leaving the US market (Party Poker and Poker Stars to name a few).  In many circles, it was believed that this signaled the end of the unregulated US market and overnight billions of dollars in revenue was wiped off these companies books who has spent years building up a lucrative customer base in the US.

While there was mass panic at the beginning, in reality the passing of UIGEA had little impact on actually restricting sites from operating, and instead cleared the way for smaller more resourceful companies to secure big positions in the market.

The Future Outlook For The US Market

According to Statista, the current market value of online gambling is roughly around the 50 billion USD mark. As large as the amount may seem, it comes at no surprise. The market today has so man options to offer and game makers are continuously evolving not only casino games but also website designs giving players a true-life like casino experience.

As 2020 approaches, many operators are looking to the future and exploring the potential of virtual reality games and the major growth of eSports. This means far better mobile experiences for players and attracting the younger generations.

Online gambling isn’t the only thing that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, have risen in popularity and joined forces with online gambling. There are some online gambling sites that allow you to deposit and withdraw with certain types of crypto, Bitcoin being the most popular one of choice. Using crypto for online gambling often allows a safer and quicker way to deposit and withdraw funds, which makes the entire gaming experience that much more easy
for the players.

All said, we expect that over time, more and more US states will introduce regulated gambling. However, even if full regulation across the nation were to occur, it’s likely the international companies will still thrive since they are more experienced. In other words they will have better promotions, payment methods and won’y be required to disclose tax information. Nevertheless, the online gambling is heavily competing with brick and mortar casinos so much that the industry is expected to be worth more than 94 billion by 2024.