MTT Tournaments Poker Strategy

Millions of people all over the world enjoy a game of poker every once in awhile, but for many people, it has ceased to be just a pastime and has become a profession. Tournament poker has made its rounds in the world and has become one of the most popular forms of the game.

MTT stands for Multi-Table Tournament, a poker tournament with players at multiple tables, quite different from the single table tournaments. In poker tournaments, players pay a certain set amount, and no matter the outcome, the amount paid is the most money you could lose during the tournament. It’s definitely not the most you can win, though, and that’s where the fun comes.

Understanding MTT Tournament Poker (Guide)

Before you start playing MTT poker, you have to first understand what it is really about. There are two major elements you need to always keep track of during the game:

  • The number of chips in your stack, and their value. Unlike in cash games, chips in MTT poker values can be altered. In cash games, the chips have fixed values, but the case is entirely different in MTT poker tournaments.
  • In MTT poker tournaments, once your chips run out, your game is done. In these tournaments, out means out, as you cannot buy more chips.

Strategies in MTT Tournaments Poker

In tournaments, you have to have a strategy. if you don’t, you are bound to crash and burn. That said, here are a few potential strategies to note in MTT poker tournaments.

Build your stack at the start of the tournament

At the beginning stages of the tournament, you should select your cards carefully. There is absolutely no need to go crazy playing too many flops. Weak players usually go out playing too many hands, ruining their play in the process, and you don’t want to do that. Avoid raising with hands using premium pairs like K-J, K-Q and A-J, and instead play with small pairs and build your stack for later and potentially better hands.

Watch for deep stacks

As earlier mentioned, stack sizes are important. Do not overindulge your pocket pairs in small and mid-stacks. Pile them up for deep stacks; you need to have a strong hand when you hit your set.

Re-raise raisers if you are deep stacked

In Multi-Table Tournaments, experienced players usually storm the ‘final table bubble’ and the ‘in the money bubble’. A good strategy in storming the bubbles is re-raising players that raise with wide-ranged hands. You could also confuse your opponent by calling a bet on the spot when you are expected to raise. Be unpredictable.

Play aggressively, play to win

Aggressive play is necessary, especially in the final tables. Apply pressure on your opponent when it’s warranted, especially when his stack is much smaller than yours. At this point, they will try to move up on the money and in the process dwindle their stacks even more. Pile on the pressure until they get to the point of bursting.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the prize, but not so much that it will distract you from actually playing the game with a plan. Stick to your plan, but play your way.