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Amex Online Casinos

Despite American Express being one of the most popular credit cards in the world, there is often confusion about whether you can deposit with Amex at an online casino. Unfortunately, the options for funding an online account vary from operator to operator and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so there is no definite answer to the question.

Undoubtedly all online casinos would like to offer Amex as a deposit option. Research has shown that American Express cardholders spend more money with their card than customers of Visa and MasterCard. Unfortunately the card company is particularly careful about processing gambling transactions, and consequently less than 5% of all casino deposits are made with American Express.

Online Casinos Where You Can Make a Deposit with Amex

As mentioned above, not all online casinos accept Amex as a deposit option. Some that advertise they accept credit cards generally, might not include American Express as an option. It can be a good idea to check with a customer service representative before attempting to fund your account. It is also advisable to check whether any fees apply to your deposit. Some sites charge a fee, others don’t.

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The Advantages of American Express Casino Deposits

Typically online casinos that accept American Express will only allow you to make a deposit with a credit card or prepaid debit card. Other types of American Express card are usually rejected and you will need to consider alternative deposit methods at online casinos in order to fund your account. Usually the website´s customer services department will help you with this.

If you have the “right” type of American Express card, the deposit process is straightforward. Simply visit the cashier on your chosen website, enter the amount you want to deposit and your card details, and click “Deposit”. Your funds will be credited to your account straight away for you to use as you wish after any transaction costs passed on by the operator have been deducted.

The primary advantage of depositing with American Express is peace of mind. Considering how careful the card company is about processing gambling transactions, if you have found a website that accepts Amex deposits, you can be assured that the website has a good reputation for security and fair play. American Express is not going to process transactions that might result in a customer´s loss.

The Drawbacks of Using Amex at an Online Casino

Many of the drawbacks of using Amex at an online casino have already been discussed – limited acceptance, the possibility that your deposit will get declined and the likelihood that a website might deduct a processing fee from the amount of your deposit. It is also possible that you could have made a first successful deposit with your card, but subsequent funding attempts get declined.

Another potential issue is how much you will be allowed to deposit. Some operators have relatively low limits on the maximum you can deposit with an American Express card. It may be the case that the maximum deposit you are allowed is less than the maximum bonus you are entitled to. Deposit limits can also affect the American Express Membership Rewards you receive.

The final drawback of Amex deposits at online casinos is that you cannot withdraw your winnings back to your card. All online operators understand this problem and offer alternate withdrawal methods. However, some of the alternate withdrawal methods may incur charges, or you may have to wait for a period of time until your withdrawal request is processed while your ID is verified.

Amex Deposit Q&A

What are the transaction costs for making a deposit?

Merchant transactions costs for depositing vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In areas where the transaction costs are low, the online operator may absorb the costs and charge you nothing. Other online operators can deduct as much as 9.9% from your deposit to cover their costs.

What is the least I can deposit with American Express?

The least you can deposit varies from website to website. As a guide, European-based operators will accept minimum deposits of $10.00. USA-facing operators may ask you to deposit a minimum of $20.00, although some minimum deposit limits we have seen can be as high as $50.00.

Why do I need to verify my ID?

ID verification is an essential part of your online security. The process only has to be completed once and usually consists of sending a copy of some personal information, a copy of something that proves your address, and a copy of your card.

If my Amex deposit is declined, what do I do then?

In our experience, it is better to contact the casino provider´s customer services department. As a rule they have more experience of declined Amex deposits than the credit card company´s representatives, and will either suggest that you try to fund your account again with the card or that you use an alternated deposit method.