Dealing with Bad Beats

Bad beats rarely happen; when it does, it can be soul-wrenching. In simple terms, a bad beat is a situation where a player who is the favorite to win and has a strong hand loses to a player with a weaker hand because he/she hit a lucky card. This unexpected win has resulted in a lot of players losing control, resulting in poker not being fun or profitable to them anymore.

Tips to Deal with Bad Beats

It probably hurts more when you are told not to lose your cool and go on with the game. I know I will not want to hear that if that happens to me, however, that is just what you need to do – stay calm. Here are some tips to help you deal with bad beats.

Bad Beats Works Both Ways

This is the first and perhaps, the most crucial aspect of dealing with bad beats. Accept that bad beats happen both ways and it could have been anyone else at any time. Monitor and track when such luck follows you, as that will help you realize that the cards are not against you; it is just poker.

Take a Break

Bad beats can be demoralizing, and might lead you to try to chase the game with hopes of recouping what you just lost. Every seasoned bettor knows that poker is not won with emotions, but with strategy. That said, take a short break to blow off some steam. You can take a walk so you can return refocused and be a lot calmer at the table.

Be Logical

This means that you should focus more on the process than the result. Poker is not a game of chance and even when you have a hand that has an 80% chance of winning, other players will win once or twice. That means that you should expect it to happen more than you think. Then, you will be better equipped mentally to handle it.

Study Poker

A bad beat might be the jolt you need to reset and go back to the fundamentals of poker betting. This will help you be more prepared and make sound decisions at the poker table.

Do not Change your Strategy

Losing to a bad beat means you had a good hand and the opponent won against the odds. This is an indication that you are doing something right and you will make a profit in the long run. However, be aware and identify weaknesses in your game and plug those holes to give yourself a better chance.

Nobody wishes to lose, but a loss should not break you down as it is not the end of the world. It is okay to leave the table and return when you feel psychologically ready after a bad beat. Always give the game your best and don’t allow your emotions to control your decision making.