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Five Card Draw

Five card draw is a quick and addictive card game. The rules are simple and easy to pick up whether you are a new or experienced poker player. With a few starting tips, you can have yourself a fun time while also making some money.

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Five Quick Tips

When playing five card draw there are some tips that could help you out along the way. Some of these are popular among newer players but could be useful to seasoned poker players. Five Quick tips to benefit you are:

  • Raise First In
  • What To Look For
  • Reading Hands
  • Position To Bluff
  • Showdowns

Raise First In

When playing five card draw, you may want to raise quite often since other players may be limping a lot. Avoiding the temptation to limp when others do can be challenging as well.

There are times to check your hand back in the big blind which all depends on your hand strength. The point is, you want to show some aggression heading in when your hand allows it.

What To Look For

Your primary concern playing five card draw is to get a three of a kind. If you have a pair, it will make things easier but the odds are much better off if you are able to make trips.

There are situations where you may be able to win if everyone else has folded and you are competing against one person. Then your pair is looking decent at this point, and you may be able to squeeze out a win with that hand.

Reading Hands

If you are able to pick up on this one, you may be in great shape. Being able to pick up on your opponents tendencies will put you in a position to win more hands.

If you see someone discarding all five cards or even four, then there is no statistical way to win with a fresh five cards. If a player discards three, then they might have a pair in their hand and are looking to get a three of a kind

Position To Bluff

Knowing your opponents tendencies and where each hand is taking place like in the draw or showdown, you could be in a position to bluff. If your particular opponent tends to fold once the rounds play out, then your weaker hand could ultimately win if they think you have the better hand.

However, do not let yourself get sucked into a bad hand. You can bluff when it is necessary but keep in mind you do not want to lose money especially if your opponent has a great hand and you have a pair of twos.


When in a showdown, you can try to value bet your pair only if it is Jacks or better. It is better to let your opponent bluff so we can assume the pot is limped, and if you happen to lose to a three of a kind then that is okay.

When against multiple opponents in a showdown, you are going to want at least a pair of kings or better to value bet. This way, you can have better odds just in case your opponent has a weak hand of a pair.

Final Thoughts

With these quick tips in mind, they are surely ones to help fine tune your five card draw betting strategies. Remember to find a strategy that works best for you and your poker style. Not everyone will play the same or bet the same so it is important to mitigate your risks and learn how to come out ahead.