GoProWarrior Kills Astedt’s Dream to Win His Sixth GGPoker Super MILLION$ Title

GoProWarrior shocked Niklas Astedt's fans when he beat him in a recent GGPoker Super MILLION$ in a heads-up match. He denied the Swedish poker legend his sixth Super MILLION$ trophy. GoProWarrior took home $319, 438 and Astedt won $249,467.

The Final Table's Results

  1. GoProWarrior from Canada – $319,438
  2. Niklas Astedt from Norway – $249,467
  3. Juan Dominguez from Andorra – $194,824
  4. Joao Vieira from Brazil – $152,149
  5. Psychologist1 from Russia – $118,822
  6. Barak Wisbrod from Israel – $92,795
  7. Wiktor Malinowski from Macau – $72,469
  8. Markkos Ladev from Estonia – $56,595
  9. Ronan "Kakonkote" Sweeney from Ireland – $44,198

Action at the Final Table

Ronan "Kakonkote" Sweeney got busted first at the final table after losing to Juan Dominguez in a clash. The latter made a 100,000 min-raise from early position while the latter called to defend a big blind. Sweeney placed a 50,000-continuation wager while check-calling on a deuce-five-ten-flop that revealed two spades.

The two players' checks greeted four of spades while the community cards were completed by an offsuit king before Sweeney re-checked. Dominguez set his opponent all in, prompting him to use eight-seven of spades to call off 491,861 chips.

Dominguez flipped ace-five of spades and sent Sweeney packing in ninth place with $44,198. Markkos Ladev followed Sweeney after making a 225,000 raise that reduced his stack to 126,675 chips.

GoProWarrior made a flat call in a small blind while Astedt went out of the way in a big blind.

The former set Ladev all-in and he called. Ladev's pocket eights had a better position than GoProWarrior's ace-nine. But things changed after an ace appeared on the river.

GoProWarrior's Victory

Wiktor Malinowski finished seventh with $72,469 after starting the final table's action with a short stack. His position didn't improve, and he exited the tournament in the 30,000/60,000/7,500a level. Still, GoProWarrior made a 144,000 raise from the cutoff while Astedt made a button call.

Malinowski staked his 684,295 chips from a small blind, and GoProWarrior collected it as Astedt folded. Malinowski got pocket nines while GoProWarrior got ace-king. An ace appeared on the fiver and another one on the flop, thus ending Malinowski's run.

Barak Wisbrod got the last five-figure score in the tournament after engaging Joao Vieira in a battle of the blinds. The latter made an effective 642,212 or eight big blinds open shove while the former used king-seven suited to make a stand.

Unfortunately, he realized that Vieira's ace deuce was ahead of him and left the table in sixth place. GoProWarrior eliminated Psychologist1 in fifth place after he got the pocket rockets when he used aces versus queens to double through Astedt.

GoProWarrior opened 220,000 before snap-calling while Psychologist1 used pocket nines to make a 1,066,956 jam. Aces held and sent Psychologist1 packing.

Vieira left the table in fourth place at level 60,000/120,000/15,000a after making a 1,464,530-jam using ace-king under the gun. GoProWarrior used a pair of nines from the hole to call from a small blind, and the nines improved.

He had almost five times the chips his closest rival held. He sent Dominguez packing in third place and opened the big blind thrice to 360,000. GoProWarrior later called Dominguez's 1,614,280 shove and got king-trey of clubs while his opponent got an ace-four offsuit.

Astedt had a 2,726,062:11,973,938 chip disadvantage when he got in a heads-up battle with GoProWarrior. He made a 1,649,562-shove using king-fives while GoProWarrior used pocket eights to call. The former got a five on the flop and lost the match to GoProWarrior hence finishing as a runner-up.


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