BetMGM Launching March Poker Mania

March is a massive month in the sport of college basketball, and BetMGM is playing off of that excitement to launch a brand new poker series. The March Poker Mania series is now underway at BetMGM, and the action is going to run all the way through March 17th. 


There are going to be 26 events that take place throughout the week, and over $300,000 in prize money will be awarded. Not only will cash prizes be handed out, but BetMGM is also going to hand out some specialty basketball jerseys for some of the winners. 

BetMGM is known for having some great online poker events throughout the year, and it’s a proven leader in this industry. The headline event of this series will take place on March 17th as a guaranteed prize of $50,000 will be awarded. 

There are other poker series taking place at other operators, but BetMGM has done a great job of getting the word out about this series. 

Not Open to Everyone

One thing to keep in mind is that BetMGM is not available to everyone in the United States as the online casino is only offered in three markets. Players from Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania will all be coming together to compete in the various tournaments.

All three states will have a guaranteed prize of at least $300,000 available, but players in New Jersey are going to take home more money. In order to entire players from all skill levels, the buy-in amounts are going to range from $50 to $500.

At this time, players from each state are going to be competing separately, but that might not be the case moving forward. BetMGM is working on coming up with events in which players from both Michigan and New Jersey can join in together, and that would increase the prize pools that are offered. 

The state of Pennsylvania has not yet come to an agreement with the other two markets, and that will keep players from that state out of the prize pool.

A Look at the Event

The $50k Mania Final will be played on just one day, but it’s an event that is expected to attract the most entrants. BetMGM wants players to get involved all month though, and they are scheduling C-Note tournaments every single day. 

Those C-Note tournaments will have boosted guarantees, and that should see the number of entrants increase in a major way. There are other events that will be popular as BetMGM has some special basketball themed tournaments. 

Winners of those events will not only claim a portion of the prize pool, but they will also be awarded special basketball jerseys. There are going to be different formats of poker played throughout the event, but most tournaments are no-limit style tournaments. 

A full schedule of the events can be found on the BetMGM website or mobile app, and the list of winners will be updated as well.


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