BetOnline Announces New PKO Series

BetOnline made some news recently when it announced that a new PKO series is going to begin at the end of February. The King of the Ring PKO Series will officially launch on February 26, and there will be plenty of tournaments in this event. 

This time of the tournament is much different than a traditional poker tournament as players are going to be going for the knockout. Knocking out an opponent will immediately unlock the bounty and that is why players will be signing up for one of the 111 tournaments that are going to be offered. 

PKO stands for progressive knockout, and this type of poker play has become extremely popular in the online world. BetOnline is going to make things even more intense as there will be at least $1 million paid out throughout the event. 

A Look at King of the Ring

BetOnline continues to look out for poker players of all shapes and sizes, and there are a number of ways to enter one of these PKO events. Buy-ins are going to start at as little as $5.50, but they will go all the way up over $530,000. 

While there are some massive buy-ins available throughout the series, most of the action is going to come with a buy-in of less than $100. While that might not seem like much, knocking a player out will allow players to double up on their money right away. 

All of these tournaments are set up on the 50/50 model, which means that the initial buy-in goes to two different places. Half of the buy-in will go towards the prize pool, while the rest of the money will be used as the bounty. 

Players will have a bounty placed on their head at the table, and that money will go directly to the player that has the knockout. That action will continue until there is just one player remaining, and the money will go to the victor. 

Climbing Up the Leaderboard

Not only can players win money during each of the events that are entered, but points are also awarded throughout the event. Players can choose which leaderboard that they want to compete in, and the prizes awarded are going to be different for each group. 

The heavyweight leaderboard is going to be the most attractive option for players in this event, with the top player home $400. Prizes will drop down from that point, but 35 players will win additional money in each of the leaderboards. 

BetOnline is trying to get more action throughout the event, and entering more tournaments will allow the chance for more prizes and opportunities. It is easy to track the progress for each player as well as the leaderboards will be updated frequently at BetOnline. 

With so many different ways to win throughout this event, players are expected to join by the hundreds. The fact that this event is being backed by BetOnline is another factor that will attract players at this is a reputable brand.


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