BetOnline Poker Looking for Superheroes in July

BetOnline SuperheroesBetOnline has launched an innovative superhero-themed promotion for July, with no limits on how much money a player can collect or the number of winners!

BetOnline´s “Superheroes” rake race is a refreshingly simple promotion. All players need to do is to opt-in to the promotion, earn superpowers as they contribute to the rake deducted from real money ring games, and then get rewarded at the end of the month for their achievements.

Unfortunately the seven superpowers will not enhance your skills at the poker tables, but they can considerably enhance your bankroll. There is no limit to how much an individual player can collect in BetOnline´s “Superheroes” promotion or the number of winners.

How the Superheroes Promotion Works

There are seven superpowers for players to collect, the first being “Super Eye Sight” for paying $1.00 of rake. When a player has collected five “Super Eye Sight” superpowers, they are exchanged for one “Super Hearing” superpower. Five “Super Hearing” superpowers then get exchanged for one “Healing” superpower, and the progression of superpowers continues until a player reaches “Invincibility”:

$1.00 Rake = 1 Super Eye Sight
5 Super Eye Sight = 1 Super Hearing
5 Super Hearing = 1 Healing Superpower
5 Healing Superpowers = 1 Teleportation
5 Teleportation = 1 Super Strength
3 Super Strength = 1 Flight Superpower
3 Flight Superpowers = Invincibility

There is no limit to how many times a player can reach “Invincibility”, and please note that it only takes three “Super Strength” superpowers to achieve the “Flight” level of superpower (rather than five), and only three “Flight” superpowers to reach invincibility.

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How Much Will You Get Rewarded for Your Superpowers?

At midnight (ET) on 31st July, BetOnline will add up all the superpowers you have collected and reward you according to the following scale:

  • For each “Healing” superpower, you will receive $1.00
  • For each “Teleportation” superpower, you will receive $10.00
  • For each “Super Strength” superpower, you will receive $50.00
  • For each “Flight” superpower, you will receive $150.00
  • For each time you reach “Invincibility”, you will receive $500.00

For an example of how this works, let´s say you reach “Invincibility” twice by 31st July (2 x $500.00), have four “Super Strength” superpowers (4 x $50.00), two “Teleportation” superpowers (2 x $10.00) and three “Healing” superpowers (3 x $1.00). That would add up to ($1,000.00 + $200.00 + $20.00 + $3.00) $1,223, and the money would be in your account by Wednesday August 5th.

BetOnline is maintaining a leaderboard throughout the promotion which is updated every day, but there are no extra prizes available for finishing at the top of the leaderboard – it is just a point of reference so that you can see how well you are doing compared to the site´s other superheroes.

Earn POP Points While You Become a Superhero

During the Superheroes promotion, players will still be awarded with POP Points at the rate of 10 points per $1.00 contributed to the rake. POP Points can be used to enter a variety of Sit & Go games or the frequent POP-2-Cash tournaments. They can also be used to clear BetOnline´s generous first deposit poker bonus, which remains at a 200% match on first deposits up to $2,000 throughout July.

You can find out more information about the bonus and its unique clearing requirements in our review of BetOnline Poker, where you will also discover why we believe the site is ideal for a new player to develop their poker skills. You will also see that we consider BetOnline Poker an excellent venue for online poker tournaments, and that brings us onto some other events you should not miss at BetOnline this month.

Two $10K Guaranteed Tournaments this Weekend

If you are looking for valuable tournaments with low buy-ins this weekend, look no further the BetOnline Poker´s two $10K guaranteed events on Saturday and Sunday. Both tournaments have buy-ins of just $22.00 with re-buys and add-ons available for the first hour. Saturday´s tournament gets underway at 7:00pm (ET), while Sunday´s event kicks off at 6:00pm. Please note that there is no late registration for either tournament.

If you do well in this weekend´s tournaments, you may want to note the date of July 25th in your diary. That is when BetOnline Poker will be hosting its monthly $25K guaranteed tournament. This event has a buy-in of $60.00, but there is a satellite steps program that start at freeroll level to enable players to qualify for free, or you can buy into the steps program at any level to win your seat.

Will you be a superhero in July? Visit BetOnline Poker today to start your quest for invincibility!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett