Freerolls Galore at partypoker Thanks to Ragnarök Freerolls Offering

One of the most popular online poker tournaments players like to take advantage of is freerolls. With a freeroll, players do not have pay a buy-in to compete. The tournament is popular because it has no cost to enter but also because players can win real cash or tournament tickets, among other prizes. At partypoker, the online poker room is currently offering Ragnarök freerolls every week through the 23rd of this month. Players can take part in a ton of options, with plenty of cash on offer. In total, Ragnarök will have given away $300,000!

What is Ragnarök?

The term Ragnarök may be familiar to fans of Norse mythology or Marvel comics. The term is used to describe events that led to a battle among the Norse Gods. Partypoker has used some of these gods in their offering along with the value-packed tournaments.

Players will need to visit partypoker and take a spin on the prize wheel. Every player of the online poker room will be given on free spin a day just for logging in. Up to five more spins can be earned per day by completing poker tasks. Every spin of the wheel will provide a prize. The prizes range from cash to freeroll tournaments.

The freeroll tournaments are named after the Norse Gods, such as the Asgard freeroll or the Thor freeroll. Each freeroll takes place on a certain day at a certain time and offers up a guaranteed prize pool. The highest amount is $20,000 which is offered via the Valhalla tournament. Odin comes in next at $15,000 and Thor and Heimdall follow with $10,000 each.

The Valhalla freeroll has a special twist. Tickets won before 11pm BST on Thursday will give you a bonus ticket to the event. Unused tickets will increase your starting stack by 500 chips. Players can earn an additional 25,000 in chips based on the extra Valhalla tickets they earn.

With extra chips, players have a significant advantage over competitors. Extra tickets are a great way to give yourself an edge.

WPT Ticket Drop

If you are at partypoker, you might as well try to earn a ticket to the WPT World Online Championships. The online poker room launched the $500K Ticket Drop back in June and will continue to offer tickets to the Championships up until July 18.

Each day, the online poker room will choose tournaments to receive a WPT ticket as an extra prize. This is a fun way to take part in online poker tournaments with an added chance to win a ticket to the Championships. The tickets can show up anywhere, so even if you play the smaller buy-in events, you have a shot at earning one. Players have already won from Mini Deepstacks as well as Daily Deepstacks and other events.

Partypoker is full of value these days offering players plenty of opportunity to earn incentives as they enjoy online poker tournament gaming. Be sure to head over to the site and give the special Ragnarök wheel a spin!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett