Kansas City to Host RunGood Poker Series

The World Series of Poker is going to be a massive event later this summer, but poker players don’t have to wait until that event to get in on the action. The RunGood Poker Series has had a busy schedule so far in 2024, and that is only going to continue throughout the rest of the year.

Kansas City is going to be the next stop on the RunGood Poker Series as Harrah’s Kansas City will host the event from May 14th through May 19th. This should be an extremely popular event, and the schedule is going to be loaded with some great tournaments. 

There is currently a RGPS event taking place in St. Louis and another one just wrapped up in Council Bluffs. It’s hard to keep track of all of the action taking place on the RGPS, but this is an event that will attract the attention of many. 

This is going to be another massive event, and the schedule is going to look extremely similar to other events offered up. The $200,000 Main Event is expected to be the biggest draw, but this will be a series that is really an option for all of the poker players in that region. 

A Look Back

This is not the first time that the RGPS has made a stop in Kansas City, as there was a similar event there just one year ago. William McCracken won the Main Event in 2023, and he had to get that done by beating out more than 420 other players. 

This was a surprising champion at the 2023 event as McCracken is a veterinarian by trade, and doesn’t play much live poker. He won more than $83,000 by taking home the title in the main event, and other players will be looking to repeat that this year. 

Even though the veterinarian has not appeared in many other live poker tournaments, his win at the Main Event a year ago was only his second biggest career score. There are some satellite events currently taking place, and that will allow players to qualify for this event without traveling. 

Schedule is Loaded

The RunGood Poker Series doesn’t mess around when it comes to putting together an event schedule as there will be some great tournaments. Since all of the action is going to take place over a span of five days, there isn’t going to be a ton of time off. 

Action in the Main Event is actually going to take place throughout the five days as there are a number of different ways to qualify for a spot. Based on the number of entries, players could be played in flights in order to speed up the action. 

All of the action at the RunGood Poker Series event in Kansas City will start off with a tournament for seniors, and the action will get better from there. This event will not only have many different buy-ins, but there will also be tournaments for different groups of players.


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