Now BetOnline Poker Lays On a Treat for Sit & Go Players

Sit & Go Steps at BetOnline PokerJust days after unveiling a splendid new tournament schedule, BetOnline Poker is laying on something special for Sit & Go players – a $1,000 Steps Challenge.

Earlier this week, I reported on how BetOnline Poker has significantly improved its tournament schedule to reduce the volume of re-buy and add-on tournaments and increase the number of options for low stakes and mid stakes players. Now the site is laying on a treat for Sit & Go players with a new Steps Challenge that has entry points starting at $1.50 and a first prize of $1,000.

The important thing to note with this promotion is that it is ongoing, rather than a one-off event. This means players have multiple opportunities to climb the Steps in order to win the top prize. Furthermore, the Comp Points earned while attempting the Challenge contribute to each player´s position on BetOnline Poker´s weekly Sit & Go leaderboard competition.

How the New Steps Promotion Works

The $1,000 Steps Challenge is a promotion players can buy into at any of the eight 6-Max Sit & Go stages. In most of the stages, both the winner and the second placed player progress onto the next Step, while players who finish in third and fourth places either get a ticket to try the same Step again, or are demoted one Step – the exceptions being the first and last Steps.

Step Buy-In First Second Third Fourth
1 $1.50 Step 2 Step 2
2 $3.50 Step 3 Step 3 Step 2 Step 1
3 $7 Step 4 Step 4 Step 3 Step 1
4 $15 Step 5 Step 5 Step 4 Step 3
5 $30 Step 6 Step 6 Step 5 Step 4
6 $60 Step 7 Step 7 Step 6 Step 6
7 $100 Step 8 Step 8 Step 7 Step 6
8 $200 $1,000 $122

To play in the Challenge, simply head to the Sit & Go lobby in the BetOnline client. The Steps games are easier to find by clicking on the “satellites” tab, after which pick a buy-in you are comfortable with and start your ascent. As usual with any new Steps promotion, the higher buy-in Steps take a little time to get started; but, as players win the through the early Steps, the later stages will quickly get populated.

How Points for the Leaderboard Competition are Calculated

Each week, BetOnline Poker runs a Sit & Go leaderboard competition which pays out a total of $5,275 over four categories. The top five players in each category win cash prizes of between $50 and $750.

  • Regular/Turbo 6-Max and Full Ring
  • Regular/Turbo Heads-Up
  • Hyper Turbo 6-Max and Full Ring
  • Hyper Turbo Heads-Up

Points for the leaderboard competition are calculated based on the amount of the fee paid to enter a Sit & Go game; and for each $1.00 paid in entry fees, you are awarded 100 points. So, for a Step 3 Sit & Go game with a $6.42 + $0.58 buy-in, you would receive leaderboard 58 points; and for a Step 5 Sit & Go game with a $28.01 + $1.99 buy-in, you would receive 199 leaderboard points.

The leaderboard competition runs from 8:01pm on Sundays to 8:00pm the following Sunday, and prizes are paid out each Wednesday. You would probably have to pay $200-$250 in Sit & Go entry fees to get into the money in the Regular/Turbo 6-Max and Full Ring leaderboard competition; but, if you were to enjoy a good run in the $1,000 Challenge during the same week, it could be worth your while.

Are You Up for a Challenge at BetOnline Poker?

If you are up for a $1,000 Sit & Go Challenge, or would like to check out the new tournament schedule, visit BetOnline today. Remember, if you have not yet made your first deposit at the site, you are eligible for a 100% bonus on your first deposit. However, please note that the bonus is not awarded automatically, and for details on how to claim it, you should read my review of BetOnline Poker.

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett