Unibet Poker Announces New HexaPro for Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments

Sometimes a product comes along that allows players at online casinos to access new games, such as poker. On December 2nd, Unibet Poker released a standalone client titled HexaPro, created specifically for jackpot sit & go tournaments. The client is completely different from anything on the market and brings the option to several casino brands of the Kindred Group, the operator of the Unibet brand.

The new HexaPro client will be provided to several brands including VladCazino, Nordic Highroller, Maria Casino and more. Players can use the HexaPro client and access several features for poker gaming including an instant play option to access games quickly. The client provides quality poker options for players to take part in a unique jackpot sit and go tournament.

The client allows players to create a nickname for their table and choose the stake and then select a HexaPro game. Players can use as many as five nicknames to remain anonymous at the tables.

With HexaPro, players have access to single table tournaments. The prize pool generator is a lottery style and will provide an opportunity for players to compete for up to €100,000. Once players choose your bet and table, the random generator will then decide the prize pool multiplier for the game.

When the prize pool multiplier is 10x or lower, then the payout will be a winner take all option. If the prize pool is 25x or larger, the winner earns 80% of the money. The runner-up will earn 12% and the third-place player will earn the final 8%. Players can compete for a minimum of €1 and up to €100, per buy-in. The random multiplier for prize money will go from 1.5x to 1,000x.

Stakes and Prizes

Because the Jackpot Sit & Gos have randomized prize pools, the money awarded will be limited based on the stake played. Take the €1 stake for example. Players can win a prize pool of €1.50, €3, €5, €10, €25, €100 or €1,000. As the stakes go up, so does the possible prize money.

Go up to the €100 betting range, players can randomly be competing for €150, €300, €500, €1,000, €2,500, €10,000 and €100,000 in prize money. Each level of betting allows players to compete for another set of randomized jackpot prizes during the poker tournament. The higher the bet, the higher the potential for a large prize pool to be activated.

In speaking of the HexaPro client, Kristoffer Bergvall, Kindred Group Head of Poker, stated that they are very excited to launch the new Jackpot Sit and Go client via their casino gaming brands.

The new client is scaled down and easy to use, giving casino players a chance to experience poker gaming. The new audience is sure to love the option as they are introduced to a popular format of online poker gaming, the Sit & Go.

We shall see in the coming weeks just how popular the option is and if any poker players manage to access the biggest prize pool of $100,000!

Jacqueline Packett
Jacqueline Packett