Ramsey Stovall Wins $191,223 and a Bracelet in 2022 WSOP $1,000 Super Turbo Bounty

Bally's and Paris Las Vegas hosted the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No. 41:$1,000 Super Bounty No-Limit Hold'em. It had 2,227 entries who formed a $1,313,930 prize pool. Still, Ramsey Stovall won the tournament after 15 hours of intense play and won $191,223.

The champion said that he took some time to believe that he had won the event as he ought to have reported to work on that day. But, his manager gave him a day off and urged him to try his luck in the tournament.

Stovall had the second biggest stack when he advanced to the final table. He used one hand to send two opponents home and knocked out four players in the event. The poker pro had a huge chips lead when he got in a heads-up play and used five hands to end it.

His rail cheered him when his pocket sevens beat Timothy Heng's ace-five, and it hugged him. It comprised family members and close friends.

The Turbo Bounty's Final Table Results

  • Ramsey Stovall from the U.S. – $191,268
  • Timothy Heng from the U.S. – $118,213
  • Steve Frakes from the U.S – $87,047
  • Wing Yam from the U.S. – $64,702
  • Larry Carillo from the U.S. – $48,551
  • Rafael Lebron from the U.S. – $36,782
  • Ed Chang from the U.S. – $28,136
  • Louise Francoeur from Canada – $21,733
  • Wen Ni from the U.S. – $16,953

Out of the 2,227 entrants that were in the event when it began, most of them went home without money, such as Koray Aldemir, Joe Cada, Tiffany Michelle, and Ralph Massey. Albert Rogers was on the bubble after Greg Gabriel's queen-ten offsuit defeated his aces.

Action After the Bubble

Some players who earned money but missed the gold bracelet included Humberto Brenes, Neymar, Ryan Depaulo, Athanasios Polychronopoulos, and Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier. Josh Arieh was the first player to exit the final table after Wing Yam's nine-five beat his jack-ten. Jake Gudmundsen exited the event after Steve Frake's pocket kings beat his ace-queen.

Action at the Final Table

Wen Ni was the short stack when the final table's action began. He went all in using a pair of eights, but Yam's ace-ten offsuit killed his dream to win the tournament. The board turned ace-high as Ni's outs failed to appear on the river and turn, thus leading to his elimination in ninth place with $16,953.

A double exit of Louise Francoeur in the eighth position and Ed Change in the seventh position occurred after they went all-in against Stovall's raise, but he called them. The latter had an ace-eight against Francoeur's king-queen and Chang's king-jack.

The board didn't help either of them, and Francoeur left the table with $21,733 in eighth place, while Chang went home in the seventh position with $28,136. Rafael Lebron went in against Stovall after he used a top pair of kings to call against his opponent's ace high.

Even so, the turn helped Stovall regain the stack lead as the river failed to improve Lebron's king-nine suited. He left the event with $36,782 after finishing in sixth place.

Larry Carillo's pocket kings faced Stovall's king-ten suited. But a flush on the flop ended his run in the fifth position earning him $48,551.

Yam went all in with ace-king and his remaining stack against Frakes' pocket kings. But he left the event in fourth place and won $64,702.

Frakes had the stack lead briefly before losing some pots to his opponents. He opted to put ace-eight with two big blinds against them but failed to hold Stovall's queen-three. So, he got eliminated in third place and won $87,047.

A heads-up battle occurred between Heng and Stovall, whose pocket sevens faced his opponent's 22 big blinds. A flop earned Heng a straight draw, but his run ended after the river and turn failed to complete the straight. He went home with $118,213 after being the runners up, while Stovall won the WSOP bracelet.


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