The 888poker XL Autumn Series $162 Mystery Bounty Awards “3AHYDA” $36,886

888poker’s XL Autumn Series $162 Mystery Bounty had huge bounties. “3AHYDA” bagged a $20,000 jackpot and increased their chances of winning the largest total prize in the event. The player eventually beat “SuiC1deKin9” in the last hand to win the $15,480 prize.

The Top Players’ Scores

  1. 3AHYDA- a $36,886 total prize; $15,480 prize and $21,406 bounties
  2. SuiC1deKin9-a $13,814 total prize; $11,290 prize and $2,524 bounties
  3. Simon “Snygren” Nygren-a $9,484 total prize; $8,300 prize and $1,184 bounties
  4. Con88-a $6,491 total prize; $6,150 prize and $341 bounties
  5. Svarozhits- a $5,793 total prize; $4,550 prize and $1,243 bounties
  6. 8Packed- a $4,022 total prize; $3,400 prize and $622 bounties
  7. Hvalavam-a $3,744 total prize; $2,560 prize and $1,184 bounties
  8. Bartu79-a $2,983 total prize; $1,940 prize and $1,043 bounties

How the Final Table Played Out

3AHYDA held 3,172,818 chips, being the stack leader when the final poker table’s action kicked off. Hvalavam had the smallest stack but doubled up fast after beating Bartu79. The former made a set flop on the latter and sent them packing in the eighth position with $2,983.

SuiC1deKin9 and 3AHYDA, the day’s stack leaders, clashed for a huge pot. They got a pair of kings before SuiC1deKin9 got the pot. Still, they used a queen-kicker to take the stack lead from 3AHYDA.

Simon Nygren eliminated Hvalavam in seventh place with $3,744. The latter used an ace-seven to make a 1,200,000 shove and lost to the former’s ace-ten. Yet, SuiC1deKin9 got trips and ended 8Packed’s run in sixth place.

3AHYDA extended his run at the table when they busted Svarozhits in the fifth position. They landed an ace on the river and defeated their opponent’s pocket jacks. Con88 and 3AHYDA battled it out on a nine-high flop.

The latter used a pair of kings to put 1,845,015 chips in the middle, and the former revealed jack-nine. The river and turn failed to help Con88 when 3AHYDA doubled up, and they finished fourth with $6,491.

Nygren doubled up SuiC1deKin9 thrice and resumed being a top contender for the title. The latter used ace-eight to put 1,738,341 chips all-in, and 3AHYDA held king-jack. A flop revealed a king, and SuiC1deKin9 got a running straight.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on Nygren’s side as they got in a tricky position after using ace-seven to call off 2,035,704 chips. 3AHYDA made a trip eights flop and got nine-eight, which eliminated Nygren in the third position.

3AHYDA had a 12,310,318:3,121,682 stack lead over SuiC1deKin9 when their match began. The latter placed a 1,478,000 wager on the river, prompting the former to call. A safe river earned 3AHYDA the title and busted SuiC1deKin9 in second place with $13,814.


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