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Mountain Poker Strategy

Stud fans and poker players will have a great time in this game. Mountain Poker is one you will not forget, as it makes for an interesting journey if you can make it to the end.

This stud variation plays out like stud games you have played before. However, there are noticeable changes that affect the outcome of the game.

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Mountain Poker Quick Tips

Before getting started on Mountain Poker, it would be ideal to have some quick tips before playing. These include your usual but very important tips to help build a winning strategy.

Practicing your strategy is one key element. The others include knowing how to play the game, best hands to have, and watching your bankroll.

The Rules

A maximum of eight players can join this game. Players that are in must place their initial ante into the pot. The dealer will then hand out five cards to each player.

Once those have been dealt, the dealer will place seven cards face down in the middle of the table. These seven cards are now considered the “mountain,” and the point of this game is to now “climb” the mountain.

The dealer will now flip over the first card. The mountain is a very important set of cards because it acts as an additional person playing against everyone.

Everyone must look at their five cards and must be able to beat the first card that is flipped over. If they cannot, which rarely happens on the first flip, they must fold their hand immediately.

After that round, players will now bet their hands. After the betting round, the second card of the mountain will be flipped over.

Now players must be able to beat the two cards at play. If a player cannot beat the two cards of the mountain, they still have to fold their hands. Then, another betting round takes place.

This continues until six out of seven cards have all been flipped over. If players are able to make it to the last card, the seventh and final card is now wild. However, players can only use that particular wild if they have it in their hand.

So if the final card is a 3 of hearts, and you have a 3 of any kind, you now have a wild. Otherwise, the 3 has no meaning to you.

Once the final betting round ends, it is time for the showdown. Players compare the best five-card hands, and the winner takes the pot.

If the game ends before anyone makes it to the showdown because the mountain forced all players out, then the game will be reshuffled, and it starts another mountain with everyone back in. If everyone has to fold, but at least one person is still in because their hand is strong enough to beat the mountain, they win the pot, and the game ends.

Best Hands To Have

Since you are dealt five cards and cannot change them, you really do not have control of your hand. The best thing to do is to pay attention to the game and make sure you are able to beat the hand of the mountain, and that it is strong enough to beat other players such as a three of a kind or straight.


This game has many hands to bet on, so you will definitely be wagering a lot. You will need to make sure that you have enough money set aside to play this game, especially if a lot of players are present.