Shaun Deeb

Poker is a game of cards that originated from one of china’s great empires in the 10th century. The game has attracted attention from many parts of the globe, not to mention that it has produced several legends such as Shaun Deeb. He is the USA’s dynamic capital, New York City. He has portrayed an excellent example of a young famous player whose success can be traced back to his teen ages. Today we are going to spotlight him and find much that many people don’t know.

Historical Background

He was born on March 1st, 1986, in a beautiful mining and textile town, Troy. Like many other children born during those times, nobody could have predicted the successful feature Deed was leading to.

His vibrant childhood had more to offer- it made Deeb realize his interests in poker at the age of 16. In 2000, he made his first public appearance on poker when he hosted his rebut tournaments with twenty dollars buy-in. More than 20 guests attended one of the most incredible showdowns hosted by Deeb that will propel him into a famous person in the university.

His studies at Bentley University College played an important role in poker career. Even though he focused on academics, the poker boom eventually pulled him out of studies, unlike many people’s expectations.

Deeb’s significant tournaments and wins

The introduction of online poker significantly contributed to Deeb’s career. He was a devoted online poker player hosting up to 20 tables simultaneously. Playing using numerous tables was a significant boost to his career in terms of train and experience. Due to some unknown factor, Deeb announced his early retirement at the age of 24. Before that, the previous year 2009, he had completed at the 5th position in a competitive card player online poker player of the year.

Fortunately, his retirement lasted for only two months, and a long list of winning spree was waiting. The most massive winning came in 2011; Pokerstars Caribbean adventure, he took the runners up a position out of more than 200 participants.

World Series of Poker

This was the ultimate battling ground where Deeb unleashed his prowess in the game. The following are some of the significant winnings that propelled him to world stages.

Las Vegas played an essential role in crafting his career to become the finest poker player known today. In the 2018 poker World Series, Deeb won and became the best player of the year. Remaining with almost two bracelets, he took an overall number 105 out of 7800 plus participants at the final table. This gave a total of $57000.

The same year in June, he took another stance but on a different prize-Pot-Limit; High Roller Omaha 8-Handed Event, where he topped over 80 participants earning a staggering $ 1.4 million. In 2018 July, Deeb made a final stance where he earned a total of $ 80000 from the No-Limit Hold ’em 6-Handed Championship Event.

World champion online poker

Deeb continued with his active lifestyle by participating in World Champions online poker. He has won a total of five WCOOP championships with his name engraved on titles. From different poker games and competitions, Deeb has managed to bag well over $ 300000. This is a handsome amount of money compared to his age.

Latest news

After coronavirus spread across the entire globe from China, Deeb was one of the many people who contracted this dreadful virus. Today the multimillionaire boasts of good health thanks to the help of doctors in Mexico.

Shaun Deeb is one of the few luckiest players of our time. His life is an inspiration to several upcoming pokers players across the world.