Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore

The Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore is located just outside of Mobile, Ala., and is one of the state’s most popular casino destinations. With over 80,000 square feet of space, Wind Creek has a lot to offer its patrons.

Their grounds include a huge gaming floor, a luxury hotel, a full spa, gourmet food, an outdoor amphitheater, movie theaters, arcades, and even a bowling alley. There is an RV lot for cross-country travelers looking for parking too.

Wind Creek leaves no rock unturned. Casinos across the United States have been attempting to replicate the Vegas strip for years, and Wind Creek goes big in just about every way.

Wind Creek Atmore Casino

The casino gets top billing here, as the name indicates at this tribal casino. The gaming floor is huge and offers tons of bingo games, slots, and other reel games.

Wind Creek is a Class II video gaming establishment only, so you won’t find classic casino table games like roulette, craps, or blackjack. There are only slot-style games here, but Wind Creek provides over 1,700 of the most popular game offerings.

Not only do these games attract plenty of casino-goers, so do their promotions and rewards programs.

Wind Creek Atmore Promotions

Wind Creek offers great promotions and rewards programs for all of its players. There are promotions offered every day. Drawings for Free Plays, travel prizes, cash, and free spa visits seem to always be happening.

Seniors Days, Ladies’ Nights, and other such offers are all promoted on the Wind Creek website. Not only are there tons of promotions, but the Wind Creek Rewards program is a solid offer with plenty of giveaways and rebates for repeat customers.

Signing up for the rewards program sets players off on the right foot as it not only comes with a $10 credit to food credit but with $1,000 worth of Free Plays. It’s a great deal for customers looking to return to Wind Creek in the near future.

Wind Creek Atmore Hotel

As mentioned, Wind Creek goes big, and their hotel is just another example. With over 200 rooms, Wind Creek can offer a wide variety of quality rooms with a wide variety of price ranges.

The hotel also houses the very popular luxury spa as well as a swimming area complete with infinity pool and Cabana rentals. In-room dining and resort package deals are also available. Long stays are quite normal at Wind Creek.

Wind Creek Atmore Restaurants

There is no shortage of dining options at Wind Creek as not only do they offer in-room dining, but also five other restaurants. Fire Steakhouse, The Taste Buffet, The Grill, and The Grill Express provide plenty of dining options from high-end to grab-and-go.

There is also the Culinary Studio available for guests every week. Here, guests can enjoy the hands-on experience of making themselves a 5-star meal.

It’s half-class, half-dinner, as participants prepare their dinners with the help of the Wind Creek lead chef. It is available for large groups and parties as well as individual guests.

Entertainment at Wind Creek Atmore

The entertainment options at Wind Creek are another big draw for the casino overall. There are movie theaters, arcades, a bowling alley, and golf packages available at Wind Creek.

They also have a state-of-the-art outdoor amphitheater featuring national acts. The music doesn’t stop there either, as the stage in the Center Bar is always fully scheduled with live acts.

Event Space at Wind Creek Atmore

The Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore is a fully-functional event space. They host everything from conferences, business meetings, business retreats, weddings, graduations, birthday parties, golf outings, and full catering too.

Wind Creek is ready for anything with plenty of offers.

Overall Review

While we wish there were more classic casino games like roulette and blackjack available to make The Wind Creek Casino and Hotel Atmore a full-up casino, we understand that this is due to license issues and legal restraints.

That said, their gaming floor is big, and they get the most out of it as they can. After all, having over 1,700 popular machines at the ready is pretty impressive.

Outside the casino floor and all across the property, Wind Creek goes big on the amenities. Between the spa, the golf, the outdoor amphitheater, the pool, the food, and all the event space, there is plenty to keep patrons interested.

There’s no doubt that Wind Creek is a good-looking place, and it’s no wonder it enjoys such popularity.