Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino

Not only is Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino one of the most important racetracks in the United States, but it is also a county-approved casino. Open since the early 1940s, Gulfstream Park is the home of the Florida Derby, one of the biggest thoroughbred races of the year outside of The Triple Crown, and many other big races such as the Pegasus World Cup. Events like these make Gulfstream a major player in the horse racing world.

However, thanks to some serious expansion over the years, Gulfstream is now so much more. This is a Florida gambling mecca complete with casino play and poker on top of one of the best horse racing schedules in the country.

Not only that, but a day at the races is more of a family affair these days, and there is plenty to do at the park, no matter your age or interests. Gulfstream has always been a major draw, and expansion has only increased its pull.

Gulfstream Park Casino

Most “racinos” aren’t much to write home about. Usually, it’s just a dying horse track looking to make a few extra bucks on some slot machines between races.

This is not the case with Gulfstream as they have taken their expansion very seriously and are now able to offer a fun casino with plenty of value. While the games offered are a bit limited, they are still able to create a very unique and entertaining casino experience.

First of all, with over 700 Vegas-style, state-of-the-art slot machines here and two gaming floor levels, the casino has a very distinct feel you won’t find at other racinos. Not only do they have plenty of slot machines, but there are also plenty of classic casino table games available.

Interestingly enough, these table games are of the electronic nature, so you won’t find any live dealers. However, the odds and action remain the same, and players can enjoy the casino classics such as Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack just like any other casino. The casino at Gulfstream, with its size and unique games, don’t feel tacked on and only add to the overall environment.

Gulfstream Park Poker Room

Wisely, Gulfstream doesn’t stop there either as the poker room is another great addition to the property. There are over 15 live poker tables here, and they stay loaded up with talent and action.

Players of all levels are welcome and won’t have a problem finding a game. There are daily cash games as well as several weekly tournaments to join in on. Many racinos completely ignore the poker room option, and we love that Gulfstream makes room.

Gulfstream Park Horse Racing

Of course, thoroughbred horse racing is what Gulfstream is all about. The racing season is long, and there are big races with big purses week in, week out.

Gulfstream has their product down pat and makes the thoroughbred racing experience great for serious players but also family-oriented and fun for all.

Not only are there big races here every weekend, but you’ll find great promotions every day of the season. Wagering is simple as there are plenty of live tellers and kiosks at the ready to get your bet down before post. This is world-class horse racing, so grab a program and settle in for a great day at the races.

Gulfstream Park Promotions

The Gulfstream goes big on their promotions, and there are great deals here literally every day. They aren’t limited to one place either as the casino, track, and even some of the dining options offer specials for all occasions.

There is also the Champions Club rewards program for frequent visitors. This loyalty card earns members points on every dollar spent on the property and allows those points to be redeemed for comps and discounts on all kinds of activities.

Not only that, but Champions Club is a tiered rewards system meaning the more you spend at Gulfstream, the more perks you earn. Everything from free valet parking to complimentary play to sporting event comps is earned as you move up tiers. No matter if you are a regular or a one-timer, Champions Club is the way to go.

Gulfstream Park Dining

Gulfstream Park is a large property, to say the least. Housing a thoroughbred racecourse and a casino is going to take up plenty of real estate.

Therefore, there are going to have to be plenty of dining options to comfortably feed all of these visitors. Gulfstream answers the call with over 15 different eateries. These are not just hot dog stands either.

Everything you can imagine is here. The Flamingo Room offers American Sushi while Cluckers cooks up southern cuisine. The Alma Grill provides Glatt Kosher Israeli dishes, and Char #3 is a BBQ smokehouse.

There are options galore, and no matter what you are in the mood for or how much you want to spend, you won’t have a problem finding it at Gulfstream Park.

Overall Review

For any gambler, Gulfstream Park is a must-see, must-visit venue. Obviously, the place is not as popular as Churchill Downs or the Vegas Strip, but Gulfstream has been on the scene for decades and has always provided the action visitors expect.

Plus, after all this expansion, there truly is something for everyone. Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, slot machines, poker, live horse racing, simulcast, and on and on — it is all here in a unique and professional atmosphere. Gulfstream has this whole expansion thing down, and it has served them well.