Emerald Princess Casino

The Emerald Princess Casino is located in Brunswick, Ga., and is a cruise ship. The Emerald Princess Casino is over 200 feet long, and there are four different decks available on the ship.

Unlike some other casinos throughout the country, all guests aboard the Emerald Princess must be at least 21 years of age. It is owned and operated by Golden Isles Cruise Lines, which features different casinos throughout the world.

The Emerald Princess Casino is open year-round, but poor weather conditions limit the amount of action during some parts of the year. Cruises are currently being offered Thursday through Sunday, and all gaming action must take place when the cruise is in the open water.

Emerald Princess Casino Games Offered

The Emerald Princess Casino features a large selection of slot machines, but they also a decent number of table games as well. There is also an international sportsbook that is offered on the Emerald Princess Casino as long as the ship is out at sea.

There are more than 250 different slot machines aboard the Emerald Princess, and players can enjoy a wide selection of betting denominations. Games can be played for as little as $0.01 per bet, while other games feature bets of up to $5.

Roulette, blackjack, and craps are three of the most popular table games offered at the Emerald Princess, but there are other options. There are 20 different table style games offered, and these can be played at different decks located on the ship.

Texas Hold ‘Em and EP Stud Poker are both offered to guests aboard the ship, with a $100 minimum buy-in on all cash games. Poker tournaments are offered at select times throughout the year, and the ship takes reservations to claim your seat.

“Big 20 Bonus” and “Triple Time” are two of the featured games aboard the Emerald Princess Casino, and they offer unique twists on other popular games. “Triple Time” is a unique twist on poker, and the game can only be found aboard the Emerald Princess Casino. “Big 20 Bonus” is a twist on the game of blackjack, and provides different betting options and ways to win.

Even though sports betting is not legal in Georgia, that doesn’t apply to ships in international waters. The Emerald Princess Casino offers a wide range of sports betting options, and all of the odds can be viewed on the casino’s website.

Emerald Princess Casino Hotel Accommodations

Even though there is nowhere to stay aboard the Emerald Princess Casino, there are several options available in historic Golden Isles. The Emerald Princess Casino website offers a large selection of available hotels, and they will work with you to make a reservation.

The “Stay and Play” program offered by Emerald Princess Casino offers guests discounted rates at some featured hotels in the area. Making a reservation through the “Stay and Play” program will also qualify guests to earn a free cruise on the Emerald Princess.

There are currently 15 different hotels that are a part of the “Stay and Play” program, and they are available in different locations near the casino. Guests can make reservations through the Emerald Princess Casino site, or by simply calling one of the hotels that are listed.

Emerald Princess Casino Dining Options

Most casinos offer a wide range of dining options, but that is not the case aboard the Emerald Princess Casino. Dining is offered on the third level Bistro Deck, but there is a limited amount of space.

Guests are encouraged to check in with a hostess at the Bistro Deck before moving to other parts of the ship. Guests will be paged when a table becomes available.

Emerald Princess Casino Live Entertainment

The Emerald Princess Casino offers a very limited selection of live entertainment, and it is currently only offered on Friday and Saturday nights. The Calypso Bar and Club offers music and a dance floor, but guests can also enjoy live entertainment on the third level deck on Friday and Saturday nights.

Emerald Princess Casino Upcoming Events

The Emerald Princess Casino website has a full list of upcoming events and these change throughout the year. Most upcoming events are offered on Friday and Saturday nights, and reservations or tickets are needed to participate.

Thursday nights at the Calypso Bar and Grill features a two for $5 special on select drinks. Friday Night Cruises are now being featured as “Date Night,” and there are some perks of taking advantage of this offer.

Couples can enjoy a date night cruise for just $10 per couple, and Emerald Princess Casino will offer up some bonuses. Surf and Turf is the featured dish, and couples will also receive a $20 match play value to be used on games at the casino.