Montana Nugget Casino

The Montana Nugget Casino is a big hit for the local area, but not in the way you would think. Instead of being an over-the-top casino, it is a more down-to-Earth restaurant with some casino games inside.

Indeed, the western decor and friendly service are great examples of what you will find here. The restaurant in Helena, for example, stays open late till 2 am so guests can stay and play or get a late-night snack.

However, there seem to be multiple Nugget Casinos in Montana. This appears to be a chain of restaurant/casino facilities they operate in the area.

Montana Nugget Casino Offerings

As noted above, this casino is more like a restaurant first and a casino second. In fact, most people come strictly for the food and might play a game or two while they wait or enjoy a drink at the bar.

By looking at their website, you can get a good feel for how well the place operates and why guests return. The place has a home environment along with great food. Guests can enjoy games, drinks, and, of course, the food.

Montana Nugget Gaming Options

Nugget Casino has at least 15 different types of slot options for guests, according to a user review on Google. Unfortunately, their website does not list what games are offered, any jackpots, or even customer bonuses.

It also appears that each Nugget Casino has a slightly different amount of games offered. According to the pictures posted by the website, they are all laid out differently from one another.

The games, based on the pictures, are of the following;

  • Buffalo Keno
  • Power Station
  • Chambers of Gold

Again, it was difficult to tell what they had. Based on user reviews, it seems that people enjoy playing the games.

Montana Nugget Dining Options

Montana Nugget Casino has only one dining option since it is a restaurant instead of a full-scale casino. They serve typical American food such as burgers, steaks, prime rib, breakfast variety, and more.

They have a bar that is separate from the main dining area. They also offer plenty of seating for guests. Each casino will differ slightly from one another.

Most of the customers actually come here for the food, as they enjoy the home-cooked style meals. Since the hours are almost 24-7, they have all kinds of people stopping throughout the day to get whatever meal they are in the mood for.

Montana Nugget Rewards and Promotions

At the moment, it is unclear if Nugget Casino offers any rewards or promotions to their guests. Even among all three of them, it does not appear that there is a rewards card or even vouchers.

It does mention complimentary drinks but does not specify as to what. So guests might be able to receive some type of discount, but it does not say.

Without knowing ultimately what rewards and promotions they have, you are essentially in the dark. However, it may be possible to contact the staff to see what they can do for you.

Montana Nugget Hotels

This casino does not have any hotels or places to stay. You simply have to book a room with an actual hotel to stay in.

However, the most common hotels around the area are Hilton and Marriot. You can find affordable prices for your hotel stays. You could also check to see if there is a discount since you are staying in a nearby hotel.

Montana Nugget Mobile App

Unfortunately, there is not a mobile app that is for specific games. You can call and check and see if it is getting done.


Taking a look into this casino, you will see that it is a restaurant first atmosphere and a casino second, with some small amount of game offerings. It is unclear as to how many exactly or what kind of games offered are available.

It seems that this chain of restaurant/casinos have guests returning for the fold than strictly for the casino, and that is just fine. However, do not expect your everyday casino games because they may not have them.

As such, it would help if their website was a little more helpful. As a business, you would think that they would update their website to attract customers. It seems they mostly rely upon returning customers and locals.

Overall, if you want a good home-cooked meal and a chance to play a few games while you wait, you can try your luck at Montana Nugget Casino.