2021 NBA Draft Betting Guide: Start Time, Who’s Picking No. 1, Odds

As the basketball offseason, fans are excited as we are less than 48 hours away from the 2021 NBA Draft. There are several prospects on the board who have the potential to turn a franchise around, so excitement is at an all-time high for fans and NBA management alike.

What some people may not realize is that the NBA draft has become popular in the sports betting world. While wagering is mostly associated with some sort of game, there are also a lot of markets that can add excitement to anyone’s draft viewing experience. With that being said, there’s a lot of information surrounding that 2021 NBA Draft that might be tough for some to remember. That’s why this guide has everything you need to know about the event, including when it’s happening, which team is choosing No. 1 and the available odds that can be wagered on.

When does the 2021 NBA Draft Begin?

The 2021 NBA Draft will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, July 29. The event is scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m. EST and can be seen on both ESPN and ABC, however, the latter channel will only show Round 1.

Which Team Has the No. 1 Pick?

After winning the lottery, the Detroit Pistons hold the first overall selection in this year’s draft. Below is the complete order of the 2021 NBA Draft:

  1. Detroit Pistons
  2. Houston Rockets
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers
  4. Toronto Raptors
  5. Orlando Magic
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder
  7. Golden State Warriors (MIN)
  8. Orlando Magic(CHI)
  9. Sacramento Kings
  10. New Orleans Pelicans
  11. Charlotte Hornets
  12. San Antonio Spurs
  13. Indiana Pacers
  14. Golden State Warriors
  15. Washington Wizards
  16. Oklahoma City Thunder (BOS)
  17. Memphis Grizzlies
  18. Oklahoma City Thunder (MIA via LAC, PHI, PHX)
  19. New York Knicks
  20. Atlanta Hawks
  21. New York Knicks (DAL)
  22. Los Angeles Lakers
  23. Houston Rockets (POR)
  24. Houston Rockets (MIL)
  25. Los Angeles Clippers
  26. Denver Nuggets
  27. Brooklyn Nets
  28. Philadelphia 76ers
  29. Phoenix Suns
  30. Utah Jazz

Betting on the 2021 NBA Draft

As mentioned before, there are several different betting markets when it comes to the draft. Whether you’re a novice or an expert bettor, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a look at some of the available markets on BetOnline.ag:

Choosing the No. 1 Overall Pick

Wagering on who’ll be the first overall selection at the 2021 NBA Draft is one of the more popular betting markets out there. BetOnline has just listed a handful of players and you have to choose which one you think the Pistons will take at No. 1. As it stands, BetOnline is favoring Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Cade Cunningham at -10000 odds. However, you can choose from four other players if you think that Detroit will turn away from the consensus top prospect in the draft.

There are also other similar markets, however, instead of choosing who’ll be taken first, you also have the option of wagering on who’ll go second, third, fourth, etc.

Over/Under Draft Position

Another popular betting market takes a look at draft positions. Rather than choosing the exact pick that a player will be taken at, you’re simply choosing which range in the 2021 NBA Draft that a prospect will find his first NBA team.

For example, take a look at Turkish center prospect Alperen Sengun. BetOnline says that he has listed his draft position at No. 12.5, with -140 odds that he’ll be taken sooner than then and +100 odds that he’ll be selected at No. 13 or beyond. The sportsbook has this market for a variety of players, which each pick number varying for each prospect.

Prop Bets

Player props are more unique markets that take different scenarios into account. Bettors can wager on different props for this year’s draft, including how many trades will be made in Round 1. As it stands, it’s looking more likely that there will be more than 6.5 trades (-150) than there’ll be fewer (+110).

If wagering on trades isn’t your thing, there are other markets like betting on how many non-NCAA players will be drafted in the first round or how many college freshmen are selected. Another market includes BetOnline giving you two players and you have to pick which one is selected before the other.

At the end of the day, the 2021 NBA Draft is shaping up to be another memorable night and these are just some of the markets that can add even more enjoyment to the experience.

Devon Platana
Devon Platana

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