2021 NFL Draft Odds: List of Interesting Prop Bets

The 2021 NFL Draft is just a couple of days away and there’s already talk about who will be drafted before who and when that could happen. That’s just an example of one of the many prop bets that will be available for sports bettors during this week’s draft.

You see, prop bets (also known as “propositions”) are a unique type of bet that can add extra fun to an event. They’re usually more creative tha your everyday sports betting market and can offer some weird or strange scenarios.

Below is a list of interesting prop bets for the 2021 NFL Draft found on BetOnline. While some come off as being quite ordinary, others are pretty wild and interesting.

2021 NFL Draft Odds: Primary Color of Marissa Mowry’s Dress

Odds via BetOnline as of Tuesday, April 27

  • Green/Teal (+125)
  • Orange (+150)
  • Gold (+275)
  • Black (+425)

When it comes to the draft, there’s really isn’t more of a guaranteed pick than the Jacksonville Jaguars taking Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence first overall. With that being said, this prop bet has to do with his wife, Marissa Mowry. The two got married a couple of weeks ago and will be watching the 2021 NFL Draft with family and friends at Clemson.

Odds favor Mowry wearing a green/teal dress at +125. However, the second-likeliest possibility has her wearing an orange dress to the event (+150) since that is the Clemson Tigers’ main color.

Who Will Trevor Lawrence Hug First?

Odds via BetOnline as of Tuesday, April 27

  • Wife (+125)
  • Mom (+180)
  • Dad (+200)
  • Sibling (+800)
  • Friend (+1600)

2021 NFL Draft Odds: Will the Atlanta Falcons Trade the No. 4 Overall Pick?

Odds via BetOnline as of Tuesday, April 27

  • No (-225)
  • Yes (+160)

A lot of eyes will be on the Atlanta Falcons at the 2021 NFL Draft this week. They currently hold the No. 4 selection and are expected to either draft Florida TE Kyle Pitts or a quarterback who can be Matt Ryan’s eventual successor.

However, there’s also the possibility that the Falcons could acquire a haul for the pick if they choose to move it. With a draft class this loaded, the Falcons could definitely fill their pockets with picks if the right trading partner wants to move up. Nevertheless, BetOnline is favoring the Falcons staying put at -225 odds.

Total Number of Trades in Round 1 of 2021 NFL Draft

Odds via BetOnline as of Tuesday, April 27

  • Over 4.5 (-155)
  • Under 4.5 (+115)

Speaking of trades, they’re what helps make the draft the exciting event that it is. Sometimes a team will trade up if they’re worried about losing out on a player they love. Other times, teams may trade back if they think they can increase their draft capital. Either way, expect some activity this week, especially in Round 1. BetOnline leaning toward the possibility of there being five or more trades at -155 odds. To put this into perspective, there were seven trades in the first round of last year’s draft.

Will a Team’s Draft Spot Be Moved Back Due to Them Missing Their Pick?

Odds via BetOnline as of Tuesday, April 27

  • No (-2500)
  • Yes (+800)

2021 NFL Draft Odds: Quarterbacks Drafted in Round 1

Odds via BetOnline as of Tuesday, April 27

  • Under 5.5 (-500)
  • Over 5.5 (+300)

One of the more interesting positions to monitor at this week’s draft is quarterback. There are several talented signal-caller prospects available in Round 1 and they’re split into tiers.

You have Lawrence and Zach Wilson, who are expected to go first and second respectively. Then you have the trio of Mac Jones, Trey Lance and Justin Fields in the other tier. It looks like BetOnline thinks that those five will be the only Round 1 quarterbacks at -500 odds. There’s the possibility that a team drafting later could reach for a signal-caller like Davis Mills or Kyle Trask to put it at six, but that looks unlikely.

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