2021 NFL Odds: Each Team’s Projected Win Total for the New Season

As the month of August continues, the football world is one step closer to the start of the 2021 NFL season. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from wagering on various future markets to help the time pass by a little quicker. One of the many available markets is one that takes a look at each of the 32 teams’ projected win totals for the upcoming campaign. After all, sometimes these odds can help shed some light on possible scenarios.

BetOnline is one of the sportsbooks that’s looking at 2021 NFL season win totals and they’re projecting the Kansas City Chiefs to be the best team in the league with 12.5 wins. This really shouldn’t be that surprising considering the Chiefs have been one of the NFL’s best teams in the last half-decade or so. No other organization has more than the 60 victories that Kansas City has had since 2016.

Considering how the Chiefs are a perennial MVP candidate in Patrick Mahomes and other tremendous pieces such as Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and a pretty solid defense, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them finish the 2021 NFL season with the most wins once again. They’re Super Bowl 56 favorites for a reason, so expect them to finish atop the league to display their dominance once again.

2021 NFL Season Projected Win Totals

Odds via BetOnline as of Monday, August 9

  • Kansas City Chiefs: 12.5 (-105)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11.5 (-160)
  • Buffalo Bills: 11 (-125)
  • Baltimore Ravens: 10.5 (-150)
  • Cleveland Browns: 10.5 (-120)
  • Los Angeles Rams: 10.5 (+105)
  • Green Bay Packers: 10 (-130)
  • San Francisco 49ers: 10 (-145)
  • Los Angeles Chargers: 9.5 (-115)
  • Miami Dolphins: 9.5 (-145)
  • New England Patriots: 9.5 (+100)
  • Seattle Seahawks: 9.5 (-155)
  • Dallas Cowboys: 9 (-140)
  • Indianapolis Colts: 9 (+120)
  • Minnesota Vikings: 9 (-125)
  • New Orleans Saints: 9 (-105)
  • Tennessee Titans: 9 (-155)
  • Arizona Cardinals: 8.5 (-115)
  • Denver Broncos: 8.5 (-115)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 8.5 (-105)
  • Washington Football Team: 8.5 (-120)
  • Atlanta Falcons: 7.5 (-140)
  • Carolina Panthers: 7.5 (-120)
  • Chicago Bears: 7.5 (+100)
  • Las Vegas Raiders: 7 (-135)
  • New York Giants: 7 (-145)
  • Cincinnati Bengals: 6.5 (-125)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: 6.5 (-115)
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 6.5 (-135)
  • New York Jets: 6 (-110)
  • Detroit Lions: 4.5 (-140)
  • Houston Texans: 4 (-125)

Texans Projected to Be Worst Team

While the Chiefs may be projected to finish with the highest win total, the Houston Texans are on the other end of the spectrum as BetOnline figures they’ll finish with a league-worst four wins. That win total shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as the Texans were one of the worst teams in the 2020 season, finishing with a 4-12 record. Considering how the organization didn’t make any major improvements on either side of the ball this offseason, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them finishing at the bottom of the standings in the 2021 NFL season.

That’s not even to mention the uncertainty surrounding quarterback Deshaun Watson. His situation is still up in the air as he deals with sexual assault allegations and there’s also the possibility that Houston could move him before the 2021 NFL season even begins. If Watson ends up not starting for the Texans for any reason, the duties would fall on Tyrod Taylor’s shoulders — who’s started just four games since 2017. Either way, the future looks bleak for the Texans as they’ll likely be basement dwellers for at least one more season.

2021 NFL Season Win Total Odds FAQ

How can I bet on win total markets?

Each of the above win totals can be wagered on BetOnline.ag. Each number is given and you have to wager on whether or not the team will win more (over) or fewer (under) games than the total given.

Will the win totals change before the season starts?

It’s possible. Injuries and transactions can happen throughout the rest of training camp that can cause 2021 NFL win totals to change.

Can I wager on other NFL markets?

Of course! BetOnline has several NFL markets available and not all of them are team-specific. Explore what they have and find what works best for you.

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