2023 Commercial Gambling Numbers are In

The American Gaming Association has compiled all of the numbers, and it was another record-breaking year in the commercial gambling industry. In fact, this was the third straight year that the overall numbers have shattered the previous record. 

These numbers look at the total revenue that is brought in at legal, non-tribal gambling operations in the United States. It was another massive number as the $66.5 billion in revenue pushed the country past the 2022 totals by 10%.

As expected, it was online casinos that saw the biggest increase this year, and that allowed the entire industry to impress. With another record-breaking year, this industry will now look at putting up an even more impressive mark next year. 

No Stopping Online Action

The revenue from online casinos in 2023 saw an increase of 23% from the previous year, and that is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Total revenue from those online sites came in at $6.17 billion, and there is plenty of room for growth. 

Additional states are expected to legalize online casino gambling in 2024, and more options will push the numbers even higher. The online sports betting industry continues to grow as well, and revenue from that industry climbed 44% from 2022. 

Online sports betting revenue was up all the way to $10.9 billion in 2023, and a couple of states have not yet announced totals from the final month of the year. The reason that online sports betting revenue is higher is because there are more states with this industry. 

Traditional casino gambling is still setting the tone when it comes to the total revenue, as that number was all the way up $49.3 billion last year. While that is a massive number, that’s only a 3% increase from what was reported a year earlier. 

There are only a handful of states in the U.S. that don’t allow for traditional commercial casino gambling, and more casinos continue to be built throughout the country. 

Many States Chip In

This report from the AGA is extremely comprehensive, and it breaks down the numbers into many different reports. One number stands out right away and it’s that 28 of the 35 states with legal gambling saw an increase in revenue last year.

Of the 28 states that were able to see an increase, there were 15 states that saw in-person revenue at casinos increase. Those numbers could be useful in those states where lawmakers are looking to get online casinos legalized. 

The month of December will go on record as the largest month ever in terms of commercial gaming revenue, but that’s a record that could soon fall. More than $6 billion was brought in throughout the United States, and that’s an astonishing number. 

The state of Michigan was a big winner in 2023 as it became the leader in online casino gambling revenue, while New York still sets the tone with online sports betting. 


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