2023 WSOP Awards Scott Abrams $315,203 in its First $1,500 Big O Tournament

The 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Event No. 41: $1,500 Big O attracted 1,458 entrants who formed a $1,946,430 prize pool. Yet, only the top 219 players got a share of the pool. Scott Abrams was the last man standing hence winning $315,203 and his first gold bracelet.

What Did the Top Finalists Win?

  1. Scott Abrams -$315,203
  2. Robert Williamson III -$194,814
  3. Bjorn Verbakel -$142,526
  4. Victor Ramdin -$105,383
  5. David Mize -$78,758
  6. Owais Ahmed -$59,501
  7. William Haffner -$45,447

How Scott Abrams Beat His Rivals

Johnny Chan made an early double-up on Day 3. But, he got busted in 14th place a short while after the players set two final tables. They cheered the 10-time bracelet champion as he left the event.

Other players who cashed included Adam Owen, Jon Shoreman, and Austin Marks. Gary Gwinn, the day's stack leader, wagered his remaining chips against Victor Ramdin, a few minutes before the final table was set. Yet, Gwinn's run ended in ninth place after a rivered full house earned Ramdin his chips.

Patrice Biton called Robert Williamson III's raise on the button before using three nines to face his opponent's kings. One player folded two kings and lost to Williamson. The river and turn helped him, giving the player a straight and seven-six low to win the pot.

Williamson busted Biton in the eighth position with $35,098. William Haffner was among the largest stacks earlier in the day but he lost most of his chips in a clash with David Mize.

The latter used ace, king, ten, six, three to face Williamson's ace, ace, king, jack, five. Still, Williamson got a blush from the turn prompting Haffner to draw a full house and left the table in seventh place.

Owais Ahmed got busted in sixth place despite reaching another WSOP final table recently. Mize followed him in fifth place after losing momentum when his set of twos lost to Abram's flush draw and aces.

Victor Ramdin exited the tournament in the fourth position with $142,526 after losing a large chunk of his stack in preflop against Bjorn Verbakel. The former didn't get a crucial low in the runout and he left the table.

Three-handed action kicked off between Abrams, Williamson, and Verbakel as they exchanged the chip lead. Verbakel doubled up Williamson before he got in a tricky spot. The former used a flush draw to wager his aces and got a low while facing the latter's full wrap.

Unfortunately, Williamson got the wheel in the set and eliminated Verbakel in third place. Williamson and Abrams clashed in a fierce battle of the blinds. The latter had a slight advantage before the tables turned in the first hand.

Abrams used overpair to bluff Williamson. The latter had a flush draw and bottom two pair after two hands and the former held top kicker with a low draw and top pair. The river gave Abrams the nut low and high with a flush as Williamson finished second with $194,814.


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