888poker Running Ace the Race Promotion

888poker is rolling out a brand new promotion that will give players a number of chances to win over the next few months. The “Ace the Race” promotion will have prizes ranging from freerolls up to $100,000, and there are a number of different ways to win as well.

This is going to be a promotion where players have to earn their way into the top contests, but that’s not a difficult thing to accomplish. 888poker players will have the right to earn tickets and this can be done by playing games at the online casino, or also making wagers at the online sportsbook.

The daily and weekly freerolls are open now, and they are going to last until the end of April. All of the weekly games are going to take place every Sunday, while there will also be three freerolls that take place every single day. 

All of this action is going to wrap up on April 28th with what 888poker is calling the $100,000 Vegas Grandstand Freeroll. Even if players are not able to get into the big promotion. Many players will see additional winnings while playing the games like usual. 

How to Earn Tickets

888poker is going to offer three different ways for players to earn tickets, and they are going to come from the top betting options that are available on the site. The easiest way seems to be to earn a ticket by playing basic poker as winning a hand with an ace/king will earn free tickets into the biggest event.

Players who enjoy playing BLAST games will simply have to play $5 worth of games each day in order to earn tickets. This is another easy path, but it is one that is more costly than simply playing in the small poker tournaments. 

Making a simple $2 bet on any sporting event will also earn tickets into the daily and weekly prize pools. 888poker continues to run some great promotions, and the company does a great job of getting everyone involved. 

888poker put out a nice press release that went out to all of the loyal customers on the site, and it has been received extremely well. 

A Look at the Prizes

The daily prizes are not going to be very valuable, but it’s still a chance to win some extra money by simply playing at 888poker. The $400 Monaco Kings Freeroll will go off three different times each day, and all it takes is one ticket to enter. 

Getting into the $4,500 London Race Freeroll is going to be more difficult, but it’s an event that is going to take place each week on Sundays. In order to get into this event, customers will have to complete at least nine events in order to earn a ticket. 

The $100,000 Vegas Grandstand Freeroll is only going to be available to the top competitors at the site. Players are going to have to complete at least 30 challenges to earn a ticket, but the prize would be worth it. 


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