888poker’s $250 Mystery Bounty Main Event Awards “DantonGomes” $34,909

The 888poker XL Autumn Series’ Event No.34: $250 Mystery Bounty Main Event’s final table played for an hour before “DantonGomes” was crowned with the $34,909 total top prize.

The poker event’s field drastically reduced to three finalists who formed a three-handed agreement after orbiting for a while. They decided to ICM chop the largest three prizes while competing for the Main Event Champion title and the last three bounties.

The Main Event’s Largest Payouts

  1. DantonGomes from Brazil- a $34,909 total prize; a $32,001 prize and $2,908 bounties
  2. IOwnU888 from Austria- a $27,630 total prize; a $23,995 prize and $3,635 bounties
  3. Kostya_jock from Ukraine-a $25,207 total prize; a $22,254 prize and $2,953 bounties
  4. replay123 from the United Kingdom- a $13,725 total prize; a $13,725 prize and $0 bounties
  5. sezon1th from Ukraine- a $12,195 total prize; a $10,150 prize and $2,045 bounties
  6. CatchMyB777 from the United Arab Emirates- a $13,893 total prize; a $7,575 prize and $6,318 bounties
  7. bucurestean from Romania- a $7,538 total prize; a $5,675 prize and $1,863 bounties
  8. slmzri from Brazil- a $4,845 total winnings; a $4,300 prize and $545 bounties

How Things Unfolded on the Last Day

DantonGomes was sixth on the leaderboard when they reached the final table. IOwnU888 kicked off its action by rivering a flush against slmzrj’s flopped set. The latter’s stack reduced and DantonGomes busted them in the eighth position after a few minutes.

They got a top two pair that improved their position. bucurestean’s run didn’t last long as they finished seventh on the cold deck. The player used ace-king to stake their stack in preflop against Kostya_jock’s pocket rockets.

IOwnU888 faced CatchMyB777’s big preflop after several hands and opted to call. The latter left the table in sixth place after the former’s ace-ten beat their ace-six, preventing them from improving.

DantonGomes called sezon1th’s all-in and knocked them out in fifth place. The latter’s ace-jack failed to improve against the former’s pocket jacks on the full board. DantonGomes’s pocket kings knocked out replay123 when it dominated their pocket fours and sent them packing in the fourth position.

The remaining trio decided to run several hands before taking a short break to negotiate. They agreed to ICM chop the remaining prize money and share the last bounties.

Their action lasted for 15 minutes before DantonGomes knocked out Kostya_jock and IOwnU888 in the third and second place, respectively. The champion used their chips well despite catching a few cards.

DantonGomes stunned their fans when they received the $34,909 top prize, as they had one of the smallest stacks earlier in their day. However, they gradually improved their chip position until the three-handed action began.

The champion had a unique playing strategy that earned them five of the final table’s seven knockouts. Besides, they occasionally put their opponents in tricky positions before making accurate moves.


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