9salute46 Wins $48,750 in the 888poker XL Retro Super High Roller

XL Retro Super High Roller attracted 73 entrants who made $2,100 buy-ins. 9salute46 beat all his opponents and won $48,750, the largest share in the $150,000 prize pool.

The Final Table's Results

  1. 9salute46 from Ireland – $48,750
  2. Feerofeero from Ukraine – $31,500
  3. FranciscoAI from Brazil – $22,500
  4. BetBetFck from Ukraine – $15,000
  5. sk8erisz from Lithuania – $11,250
  6. Matokr – $8,250
  7. bettyordinarie from the United Kingdom – $6,750
  8. dadude50 – $6,000

Action at the Final Table

The final table had fast action as the average stack comprised 20 big blinds. FranciscoAI reached the table with the largest stack of 49 big blinds, while 9salute46 was second with 27 big blinds. Yet, dadude50 was the short stack.

He got an early double-up after his ace-deuce of diamonds beat FranciscoAI's queen-jack. His hopes of making a comeback got crushed after dadude50 used pocket nines no make an 8.1 big blinds three-bet all-in from the small blind after matokr used pocket kings to make an early position min-raise.

Matokr called, and his kings held, thus sending dadude50 packing with $6,000. Bettyordinarie followed dadude50 after making a six-big-blind raise and remaining with 3.5 big blinds. Matokr set bettyordinarie in and called after making enough three-bet from the big blind.

The move made bettyordinarie put pocket nines against matokr's ace-ten in a coinflip. Still, an ace on the flop sent bettyordinarie packing in seventh place and gave matokr the chip lead.

Even so, matokr followed bettyordinarie in sixth place after losing several pots remaining with 12.3 big blinds. It was after using pocket sixes to put in some big blinds.

9salute46 shoved with ten-five of diamonds from the button while matokr called all-in. Unfortunately, a ten on the flop ended matokr's run.

Each remaining finalist was assured of taking home a five-figure prize.

sk8erisz got it after making an 8.5 big blinds jam in the small blind and 9salute46 used pocket nines to min-raise from the button. But, an ace-queen appeared.

Pocket nines lost to major all-ins at the table and held for a while eliminating sk8erisz in fifth place and increasing 9salute46's stack to over 60 big blinds, nearly thrice what his opponents held.

BetBetFck exited the event in the fourth position after 9salute46 used queen-ten of clubs to make an open-shave. BetBetFck used ace-nine to call off 4.9 big blinds in the small blind. 9salute46 landed a ten on the flop and busted BetBetFck with $15,000.

FranciscoAI left the event in third place despite being the stack leader earlier in the day. He used ace-five of hearts to open to four big blinds from his 6.8 big blinds. Still, feerofeero used king-ten of hearts to call from a small blind hence resulting in a flop.

Feerofeero used top pair to wager three big blinds after a deuce-ten-seven flop while FranciscoAI called in. The latter left the table after a runner-runner and ace failed to appear.

9salute46 had a 62.4 big blind to 28.9 big blinds over feerofeero when heads-up action started between them. He used ace-seven to jam after five minutes, while feerofeero used pocket queens to call off 15 big blinds.

The former landed an ace on the flop that the latter couldn't catch up with, thus finishing as a runner-up with $31,500.


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