A Look at the ACR Poker Event

The world of online poker just continues to grow, and there have already been a number of big events that have taken place this year. ACR Poker is not getting in on the action as the 2024 Online Super Series is now underway. 

ACR Poker officially lists the Online Super Series as taking place from February 12th through the 26th, but the action actually started one day earlier. This is going to be a series that attracts plenty of top players, but there are opportunities for newer players to get involved as well.

There is over $16 million guaranteed at the Online Super Series, and it’s back after being extremely successful in recent years as well. Buy-ins start at just $1.10 for some of the smaller tournaments, but there are going to be some huge pots as well.

It has been hard to keep track of all of the online poker tournaments taking place to begin 2024, but this one will stand out for a number of reasons. One nice thing about the ACR Online Super Series is that players are able to sign up for a new account and get in on the action right away. 

With so many tournaments taking place, players are going to be able to enter the group that gives them the best chance to win some money. Of course, the best online poker players are going for the big money, and there are a couple of options there as well. 

$1 Million Reasons to Enter

There are a pair of main events that are a part of the ACR Online Super Series, but the buy-in is actually much different for each tournament. For players that can settle for a pot of just $500,000, there is another option there as well. 

There are a couple of main events that are slated to last two days, with both of those tournaments beginning on February 25th. There is a $1,050 buy-in for the $1 million prize, but players can also buy-in at $215 for a chance to take home a part of the $500,000. 

The multiflight main event is going to be another option for players, and the first flights started on February 11th. $1 million is up for grabs in this multiflight tournament as well, but players are going to have to compete with more challengers. 

For a complete list of all of the tournaments available, players should head to ACR Poker to get signed up. 

Time to Sign Up

ACR Poker wants to use this event as a way to get new customers all signed up, and those new players are going to be eligible to join this event right away. There is also a massive signup bonus available to new customers as they can have their first deposit matched up to $2,000.

Throughout this ARC Online Super Series, players are going to be able to rack up points to climb up the leaderboard. In fact, the top three finishers are going to earn a spot in a massive event to come later this year. 

It’s always a good time to sign up for a new account at ACR Poker, but taking advantage of the welcome bonus is a great option. 


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