A Man Who Was Injured in a Casino Confrontation Sues Venetian Las Vegas

The man filed the lawsuit last week seeking over $50,000 in damages. It states that the guards failed to protect customers after an armed man shot and injured a man. KLAS, a local television station, reported that Eric Aguilar, the injured man, had many leg injuries since January 18, 2022, incident.

The Incident

It started as a confrontation in Plazza Casino, in the Venetian. The man held a birthday celebration with his friends at the property. One of his group's members talked about someone donning a San Francisco 49s shirt from the second group.

A gunman verbally engaged Aguilar's group abruptly, claiming that he would kill all of them. The lawsuit stated that the man left that area but was still on the casino's premises. The casino's security guards instructed Agular's group to leave immediately.

One of the property's three security guards stated that they didn't care after hearing Aguilar's claim about the gunman threatening to shoot him on the gaming floor. He pointed a gun at Agular and ordered him to leave.

KLAS reported that the guards didn't record Aguilar's statement or trace the gunman. This prompted Aguilar's group to leave the Venetian after locating another man with the gunman. Police accused the group of throwing three beer bottles at the two men. They added that it was a self-defense act against the duo.

The lawsuit claims that Aguilar approached the gunman aiming at disabling him by wresting his handgun away. Unfortunately, his cell phone dropped, and a beer bottle slipped as he fought the gunman.

Aguilar's Groin Injury

The lawsuit stated that the gunman shot Aguilar in the groin. Yet, Aguilar managed to wrestle the firearm away from him and used it to strike the gunman. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers initially mistook Aguilar to be the gunman as he held the gun.

This prompted two officers to aim firearms at him. They indicted the gunman, Aguilar, and his friend for the incident. But Aguilar pleaded not guilty, and the court scheduled his trial to start on January 30.

KLAS stated that the court charged the gunman with weapons-related counts and assault using a lethal weapon. Aguilar's attorney filed another civil lawsuit against the security guards and Venetian for failing to act. It alleges that three guards and Venetian defendants watched the confrontation on a video surveillance system and failed to protect Aguilar.

Luckily, the police didn't shoot Aguilar. But, the casino's defendants' negligence put his life at risk again after failing to report the gunman and gaming floor incident to the officers when the confrontation occurred.

Surprisingly, some casino employees didn't treat Aguilar while waiting for EMTs who rushed him to a nearby hospital while in critical condition. The casino stated it would comment on the litigation.


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