A New Addition To Fremont Street Experience For New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a night filled with lights, fireworks, and many other entertaining details that make many people fall in love with this celebration. Now, all cities prepare something for their residents during this night, and usually, all cities shine like Vegas during the celebration.

Shining like Vegas isn’t that difficult if you’re already in the Entertainment Capital of the World, where every night is basically New Year’s Eve. That’s why everyone working in the city tries their best to make New Year’s Eve even more special.

One of the projects that is currently underway is named Fremont Street Experience, and its main goal is to revitalize the popular entertainment district in Las Vegas downtown. The development has been going well, and visitors will be able to see some of the latest additions on New Year’s Eve.

In other words, apart from the usual festivities, there will be something extra to make that night extra special. That something extra is called the new Viva Vision canopy, and it will be unveiled during the last night of the year.

Viva Vision is a video display that is 1,500 feet, which is approximately 130 square feet in total space. The project is aimed to be the largest video display in the world, and it will arch over Fermont, 90 feet above the heads of pedestrians.

The display underwent a $32 million renovation, as it hasn’t been updated in 15 years. Moreover, the year 2020 will be the one where the canopy will celebrate its 25th birthday, so the timing for the re-launch of this attraction couldn’t be more perfect.


The canopy comes with a couple of exciting enhancements and additions that will make it even more attractive. The most important one is the addition of 50 million LED lights, which is four times more compared to the previous version.

Therefore, the display will shine brighter than ever, and the picture itself will be 4x sharper. Moreover, it will be visible even when the sun is setting in Vegas, allowing visitors to enjoy the content on the screen despite the light.

The way the entire project was made is much like putting a puzzle together. The city of Las Vegas contracted a company from Illinois called Watchfire Signs, which specializes in making this type of screen.

The entire project was divided into 1,054 subframes, and each of the subframes consisted of 64 modules. Every subframe is designed for a special place inside the Viva Vision to make the whole picture.

This type of approach made sure that the pieces would be delivered and organized to complete the entire project in time.

The entire process of creating the new canopy is definitely an interesting one, but you will be able to see it if you want, as the company made a time-lapse video of the entire construction process. In other words, you will be able to see the largest screen in the world come to life in a video that lasts just a couple of minutes.

Las Vegas is working hard on improving the overall experience of the city, and there are several projects currently underway that aim to further improve Sin City. One of the ideas that are currently being pushed is a subterranean transportation system in the city. It’s just an idea and exists on paper only, but it may come to life one day.

If you’re in Vegas on New Year’s Eve, make sure to check out the Viva Vision canopy!


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