A New Casino In Mississippi?

Mississippi has been quite an interesting state for casinos lately, and Biloxi, Miss., might get another gambling facility as the former Tivoli Hotel currently seems like a great spot for starting one such project. This was actually noticed by a development company that has set its eyes to Biloxi and currently sees an opportunity in the Tivoli Hotel.

In other words, the beachfront property could be brought to life once again, but this time as a brand new hotel and casino. The name of the company is Biloxi Capital, and it has already filed a notice of intent to ask for permission and build a brand new venue in the place of the former hotel.

In fact, the company bought the land more than 13 years ago and paid a bit more than $40 million back in the day. However, nothing has been done with it ever since — it has been just laying around since the purchase. What makes it pretty unique is that the entire area has been zoned for gaming, meaning there’s a good chance that the company’s request to build a casino would be approved.

The notice reads that the newly established facility would have approximately 100,000 square feet of gaming space. Moreover, there will be more than 2,000 slot machines, as well as 75 table games.

Apart from the casino, there would also be a big hotel which would have 1,300 hotel rooms, as well as a convention space which would have about 100,000 square feet. Moreover, the facility would also have a couple of other interesting amenities if they are approved by the Mississippi Gaming Commission.

Large Venue

One of the people who are involved in the project and associated with Biloxi Capital is Danny Conwill, a popular real estate developer. He commented on the potential venue, stating that it would cost approximately $600 million to completely build it.

He also confirmed that once the venue is confirmed and the building process is complete, it will have more than 100,000 square feet of gaming space, which would have more than 2,000 slots and 75 table games.

The proposal has already been welcomed by some of the key people in Biloxi. The mayor of the city, Andrew Gilich, stated that the site for the casino was “in the very heart of the East Biloxi waterfront area.” He added that the area has been one of the key focus points by developers and that the proposed project would be complementary to many other initiatives that the officials of Biloxi have been working on.

But the mayor is not the only important person to support the project and give it a green light. In fact, a councilman named Felix Gines also agrees with the mayor.

Gines stated that the development of one such project in East Biloxi would help with the stimulation of the developing process of many other similar projects there, and would result in the growth of housing and retail in the area.

Taking The Next Step

The first step has been officially taken by the Biloxi Capital, as it has sent a notice to the Mississippi Gaming Commission. At the moment, the MGC is reviewing it, and it’s their turn to give approval to Biloxi Capital as soon as it sends the official application.

In fact, Allen Godfrey, the executive director of the commission, stated that he had managed to look at the notice and that he expected an official application to be filed. As soon as Biloxi Capital sends the application, the MGC will start reviewing it and ultimately decide whether it can proceed as planned.


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