A New Community Jackpot System Presented By NetEnt

NetEnt has been the leader in the online casino gaming industry for a long time, as the company has always been ready to push the limits to another level. One of their latest products is called Starburst PowerPots, and it is a groundbreaking new technology that provides an innovative Community Jackpot System.

The system will allow players to collect the so-called Starburst tokens, which will be available in a wide specter of high-performing games. This innovative concept will actually help players use the tokens to receive various prizes from NetEnt games.

Basically, the term “community” is there for a reason, as the idea is for players to play together. All of them will have but one goal in common, and that’s filling up the PowerPots progress bar.

Once the pot is filled, it will trigger the “community pot,” which will then be divided among players. Even those who are not online at the moment the pot is filled will be considered for receiving their share of the pot.

This is definitively an innovative approach to online casino games, and probably the first of its kind.

The games in this system are divided into families of games that all have the same jackpot and state values. Moreover, all of them have one additional progressive jackpot — the Major jackpot.


This platform is mainly aimed at online casinos, which will have an opportunity to maximize the use of its customizability and configurability. In other words, operators will be able to select one out of many RTP configurations and will have an opportunity to configure numerous contributions, prize setups and more.

Perhaps the most important thing is that the operators will be able to customize the interface of this product to make it match their respective brand guidelines.

Bryan Upton, Director of Games at NetEnt, stated that Starburst PowerPot had been developed to meet the expectations of the company’s customers and players. According to him, the developers paid attention to all kinds of things to get it right, including art assets, mechanics, and more.

Moreover, Upton added that they were using some of the leading approaches in game design to make the jackpot family simple to follow and understand and compelling at the same time. Upton believes that the Starburst brand will “create massive acquisition.”

Moreover, he stated that the jackpot mechanics would “drive huge engagement for players.”

Finally, Upton concluded that the latest product is an example of “community gaming without the overengineering and overthought” about the real wants and needs of slot players. What he wanted to say was that the product is made to be able to fit into any portfolio of games provided by any casino operator and still deliver the best possible experience.

This digital entertainment company continues to push the boundaries of online gaming in casinos. Apart from dozens of popular online video slots, NetEnt also creates many other casino games, with many of them being offered on live casinos.

It’s safe to conclude that the company has a bright future ahead of it since the products such as Starburst PowerPots really reshape the way we play games of chance. It is made to honor the Starburst brand, which is actually one of the most popular online video slots made by NetEnt.

You can play StarBurst in many online casinos, as it is a great game with simple rules and some very interesting bonus features that can award the luckiest of players with some rather lucrative cash prizes.

Therefore, if you don’t have any experience playing online slots, Starburst would be a perfect place to start.


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