Aaron Rodgers: Odds Indicate That He May Not Host Jeopardy! Full-Time

Few NFL players have had an offseason like Aaron Rodgers has been having. The Green Bay Packers quarterback seems to be fed up with his team and is looking for a fresh start elsewhere. However, he also had a brief stint hosting the popular American game show Jeopardy!

Much like everything else that he does, Rodgers was a natural hosting the game show. Of course, nobody can match the presence of the late, great Alex Trebek. But the Packers signal-caller still impressed both sports fans and non-sports fans alike with his humor and wit. As soon as his tenure was over, fans of the show were wondering when they’d get to see him host again. And, if he did resume the hosting gig, would it be on a part-time or full-time basis?

Well, Bovada has released odds on whether or not Aaron Rodgers will be the next full-time Jeopardy! host. At -900 odds, the sportsbook is leaning towards that not happening. When you think about it, it makes sense. Rodgers’ first priority is to football, regardless of how great of a host he was. If the Packers (or any team that he ends up on) think that a Jeopardy! hosting schedule would conflict with the team’s needs, there’s no chance that they’d sign off on that. Another factor could be the fans of the show. According to a recent poll, Jeopardy! fans would rather Ken Jennings host the show than Rodgers.

However, that’s not to say that Aaron Rodgers won’t become the next full-time host. The show could keep using part-time celebrities until the signal-caller retires. After all, he’s 37 years old and may not have that many more NFL seasons left in him. If that’s the case, Rodgers may very well be the next full-time Jeopardy! host — just not for a few more years.

Aaron Rodgers Odds: Will He Be the Next Full-Time Jeopardy! Host?

Odds via Bovada as of Friday, June 4

  • No (-900)
  • Yes (+500)

The Door is Open for a Return

At +500 odds, it’s not like it’s impossible for Aaron Rodgers to be the next host while he’s still in the NFL. He’s already openly admitted that he thinks he could juggle both.

Rodgers did an interview with The Ringer back in April about his time as the Jeopardy! host. The three-time NFL Most Valuable player did the math and figured that there are enough days in the year for him to handle being both an NFL quarterback and game show host:

“I don’t think I’d need to give up football to do it,” he said. “They film 46 days a year. I worked 187 this year in Green Bay. That gives me, eh—[pauses]—178 days to do Jeopardy! So I feel like I could fit 46 into that 178 and make it work. It would be a dream job for sure, and I’m not shy at all about saying I want the job. That’s how I went into it. I want an opportunity to be in the mix.”

If Aaron Rodgers thinks he can handle it, who’s to say that he won’t end up doing it? He’s been proving doubters wrong throughout his career and if he wants to host Jeopardy! full-time that much, he’ll probably do what he can to make it a reality.

Until then, fans will go back to waiting to find out which team Rodgers will be playing football for next season.

Devon Platana
Devon Platana

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