Accused Poker Cheater, Bryn Kenney, Is Among the Co-founders of a New Online Poker Room

Bryn Kenney, the second-best live tournament player, is one of the co-founders of an upcoming online poker room. The new poker room 4Poker is expected to attract more players to join online poker.

However, Bryn Kenney has been on the receiving end of several cheating accusations. Although there has been no concrete evidence to support these allegations, most accusations have been made by professional poker players.

Messages between Kenney and other accused players that have surfaced online indicate some truth in the accusations made against the poker player. Kenney, one of the co-founders of 4Poker, has raised several eyebrows. Numerous poker players and fans have expressed their concerns about the online poker room being a dubious project.

Some are saying that if the allegations against Kenney are true, then he will know what to do when putting down the poker room policy. However, this optimistic outlook is a long stretch, and many are not buying into it.

The most logical opinion being shared among poker players and fans is that not many will want to risk putting their money in an online poker room led by an allegedly prolific cheater. The question remains, will 4Poker penetrate the industry, or will it go down the drain?

4Poker Is Banking on Experience

The other members of the 4Poker co-founding team are industry veterans such as COO Heath Cram. Having veterans working on the upcoming online poker room gives hope of 4Poker being successful. However, working with Kenney lowers their chance considerably due to his love-hate relationship with people in the poker industry.

Heath has spent the better part of the last decade in PokerStars. His experience in online poker has made him an asset for 4Poker. Heath’s decision to start an online poker room from scratch when there are giants in the industry shows his dedication and expertise in poker.

However, his association with Bryn Kenney is bound to bring doom to his efforts. During an interview with, Heath said that PokerStars has been good to him for the years he has been with them. He noted that poker has a special place in his heart, and the availability of a poker start-up is a bonus to developing poker rooms such as 4Poker.

According to Cram, the idea behind 4Poker is to create a poker room that is player-centered that will fill a gap in the industry that more corporate online poker sites have infiltrated. He called 4Poker “poker for players and by players.”

Several people have come out to criticize his ideology. The main question is how he can create a player-centered poker room when one of the co-founders has been accused severally of cheating. When asked Heath of Bryn Kenney, it was clear that he was on the player’s side.

Heath noted that after spending time with Kenney and other co-founders, Kenney’s passion for poker and poker impressed him. The COO said that he would make his judgment on the people he associates with.

Several people in the industry, poker players, fans, and investors, are waiting to see how the development of 4Poker will pan out with all the allegations about Kenney floating around.


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