ACS PlayOn Cashless Payment Technology Debuts at Las Vegas Casinos

When it comes to Las Vegas, visitors expect the best of the best. From the casino gaming to food and drink, players want everything to be convenient and attainable. Well, from a gaming standpoint, things are getting a lot easier, thanks to the recent introduction of cashless gaming at some of Sin City’s top casinos. Players now have access to ACS PlayOn payment technology, where chips can be bought at the table with debit cards, making it much easier to keep playing.

New Payment Tech

The ACS PlayOn product is a cashless payment system that allows players to buy casino chips while at the felt of a table game. Players can stay seated and avoid having to go to the ATM or the cashier cage to get more money or chips for playing.

The Strat Casino began using the new technology a few days ago and with testing found that players are finding the option quite convenient. According to officials of the Strat, the option is meant to provide an enhanced experience via a convenient way to access funds without having to leave the table.

The Strat is now one of several casinos in Las Vegas to use the new technology. The D Las Vegas and several properties operated by Station Casinos uses this cashless method. The sister property of the D, the Golden Gate, is set to offer the new product in the next few months.

Players are loving the option because it is convenient but also helps to avoid disrupting gameplay. If you are superstitious, you don’t want to leave the table when enjoying a hot streak. The cashless method allows players to continue playing, taking out money as they like at the table.

Catching Up

The cashless option is used on slot machine as well as table games. Many of the Las Vegas casinos are using it at the table games for added convenience. The device will charge $4 per transaction plus a 2.5% transaction fee per day.

The technology is allowing the casinos to catch up with other industries that use similar technology. Modernizing payment options is a must in order to maintain guest satisfaction. Customers want a choice and casinos must be able to keep on track with payment methods and innovative technology to keep players happy and content.

The ACS PlayOn product was first introduced in California and New Mexico back in 2016. Last year, the Nevada Gaming Control Board as well as the state Gaming Commission approved the company to launch their service.

A field trial began via the Station Casinos back in March of last year with devices installed on just two gaming tables. The response was strong and has caused several casinos to begin considering and even implementing the product.

Some concern was raised about the potential for gambling addiction due to the convenience factor of the device. However, the creator pointed out that operators can track payment methods and have better insight as to where the money is coming from so better safeguards can be put in place for player protections.

There is more opportunity for players to set limits on their gaming, via both money and time constraints.

It will be interesting to watch as this cashless method is integrated in Las Vegas and if any other regions across the United States begin to install the option as well.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.