Adam Weitsman Patrick Beats Bruel in the WPT Celebrity Poker Tournament As Neil Patrick Harris Loses a Crucial Cooler

The latest WPT x Daniel Arsham Celebrity Invitational attracted many celebrities including Neil Patrick Harris, a comedy actor. He clashed with actress Arden Cho in a six-player celebrity sit-n-go and ran into a cooler. Adam Weitsman, a successful business man won a blue Porsche sculpture that Daniel Arsham designed.

Even so, the latter was the first player to get busted. He is a famous New York-based contemporary artist who designed the 2023 World Poker Tour(WPT) Champions Club trophies.

Wietsman beat Patrick Bruel in a tough heads-up battle to win the sit-n-go which WPT’s YouTube channel live-streamed.each participants received a 100,000 starting stack and Cho collected almost half of the chips before the event’s first break. Unfortunately, she left the tournament in the third position.

Doogie Howser Gets In a Tricky Situation

Harris revealed in a media interview that he rarely plays poker despite signing up on Bravo for the 2004 Celebrity Poker Showdown. He lost most of his chips and remained with 30,000 chips when the first break began. Harris used Ax4x to go all-in after a few minutes and got trips after cracking his rival’s AxQx .

The odds were against Harris after an hour when he used Ax10x to make an all-in jam for nut trips against Cho on the Qx10x10x flop. However, the former drew to running aces or one-outer after the latter revealed QxQx and snap-called hence sending Harris home in the fifth position.

Harris acted as Doogie Howser in the 1990s Doogie Howser, MD television sitcom, hence gaining popularity. He stated while leaving the poker room that he got unplayable cards and knew he wouldn't last at the tournament for long.

The Tournament’s Big Hands Entertained Spectators

The event had table talk and fast-paced action even though many celebrities are inexperienced in poker. Jesse Sylvia and Jeff Platt commentated it offering live updates. The tournament had several amazing coolers.

Harris made an early bluff by using J5 to make a 1,500 raise before Weitsman used A9to defend a big blind. Each player got a flush draw after a QQ6flop occurred. Harris placed an under-the-gun 2,000 wager and raised it to 4,000.

His move prompted Weitsman to call a 7turn and both players lacked help. Harris placed a 3,000 wager and called. But 6 landed on the river and did not improve any hand.

So, Weitsman was forced to check and fold ace-high to a 4,000 wager. Cho bluffed against Arsham despite exiting the 2022 WPT World Championship in 55th place with $71,400.

She held 55on the J54610board and lost to the flush. Still, she faced Arsham’s 5,000-chip bet. Cho made a 20,000 raise that earned her a vital pot.

Weitsman used 98to make a button limp in the event’s final hand and Bruel used A8to raise 73,000. A 929flop occurred after the former called.

Bruel put his remaining 89,000 chips in and was in urgent need for diamonds or runner-runner aces to double up. Weitsman called and sent Bruel packing as the runner-up.


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