Adams Wins First Super MILLION$ Title, Defeating Arends

Timothy Adams has had a very good career thus far but has not added the GGPoker Super MILLION$ title to his catalog until Tuesday, December 8, in a $10,000 buy-in event.

Adams, who has a reputation of winning the biggest events, was on Tuesday the favorite to win the competition, which is typical of every event he partakes in. It was no small feat, but Adams won his first Super MILION$ event with GGPoker, and he did so in an amazing fashion, competing against some reputable players during the event.

The final table had nine quality players on display, with each of them dropping by the wayside to see Adams and Jans Arends make it to the heads up challenge. The Canadian came out victorious, walking away with a well deserved $315,158 prize money after an excellent outing. The Austrian finished second place, which saw him walking away with a $255,485 prize money, as he was outplayed by Adams in the closing stages of the game.

At the final hand dealt, Arends min-raise to 400,000 with Adams responding with a pair of queens in the hole and three-bet. Arends reacted with a four-bet shove for 7,166,104 total, Adams instantly called it.

The Losing Countdown

Anatoly Filatov was the first player to head for the exits at the very first hand of the final table, leaving with prize money of $58,779. After which Seth Davies crashed out in the eight positions, with a win of $72,508, becoming the second Canadian player finishing in the top eight, with Timothy Adams going on to win the competition. A couple of hands later, Laurynas Levinskas followed suit with prize money of $89,444. Fabrice Touil, who had an impressive comeback that saw he was still in the game at the expense of Levinskas, became the tournament’s first six-figure prize winner ($110,335), finishing in 6th place.

Immediately after the second break in the game, Alex Papazian was sent packing, ranking fifth in the tournament with prize money of $136,106. The Croatian became the highest finishing European player in the competition, playing second to Jans Arends, who went on to finish at second place, and Lauyrnas Levinskas, who finished in the seventh position, placing third.

With Artur Martirosian, MAMOHT_T, Jans Arends, and Timothy Adams left, the game got a lot more competitive. MOMOHT_T, who finished in the third position ahead of his Russian counterpart, Artur Martirosian, walked away with $207,111 prize money. While Artur Martirosian, who placed in the fourth position, left the contest with a $167,896 prize money.

Find the full results of the Super MILLION$ final table below.

Super MILLION$ Final Table Results (Dec. 8, 2020)

Place | Player | Country | Prize

1 | Timothy Adams | Canada | $315,158

2 | Jans Arends | Austria | $255,485

3 | MAMOHT_T | Russia | $207,111

4 | Artur Martirosian | Russia | $167,896

5 | Alex Papazian | Croatia | $136,106

6 | Fabrice Touil | Brazil | $110,335

7 | Lauyrnas Levinskas | Croatia | $89,444

8 | Seth Davies | Canada | $72,508

9 | Anatoly Filatov | Russia | $58,779


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