Alabama’s House Will Consider Expanding Gambling in 2024

Alabama’s House hasn’t fully supported the state’s gambling industry’s growth for a long period.b But, some legislators are determined to curb illegal gaming operators.

The House is expected to discuss a bill to allow lottery games, mobile gambling and commercial iGaming in the 2024 session. Speaker of the House, Nathaniel Ledbetter informed the Alabama Political Reporter that he wants to propose a new gaming regulation next year. The increasing illegal gambling operations have motivated him to introduce the bill.

The Speaker stated that the state shouldn’t allow illegal gaming to continue as it is a threat to public safety. Yet, some people want to push back the new drive claiming that it is part of the state’s gambling industry’s expansion. He believes that if Alabama passes the law, and sets more enforcement and implementation measures, the number of gambling operators will reduce from over 1,000 to about 10 licensed companies.

Alabama is among the few states in the country that lack a state lottery. But, it currently legalizes betting at horse racing tracks, three casinos that the Poarch Band of Creek Indians run and parimutuel dog. The state bans mobile gaming apps and all forms of sports gambling.

More About Illegal Gaming in Alabama

Senator Greg Albritton has made several attempts to expand the state’s gambling sector in the past. He stated in a recent interview that some lawmakers have changed their minds after realizing that allowing more types of gambling will benefit Alabama. But, he is uncertain whether the House will pass the bill next year.

He said that some people consider Alabama to be a wild state in regards to gambling. It isn’t controlling the rapidly increasing illegal gaming companies. This is a major reason why the House needs to review its gaming regulations but it has to have good consensus on how to do it.

Ledbetter reiterated that it is necessary to transform the gambling industry to curb unregulated gaming activities. Representative Andy Whitt informed WHNT News 19 that he shares the same thoughts with Ledbetter.

He visited a few illegal gaming venues in Alabama and confirmed its complicated gambling history. He added that the 67 counties lack consistent betting regulations hence making illegal operators a key concern for the state for many years.

What Will the Bill Entail?

Some lawmakers agree that the House will play a vital role in expanding gambling. Albritton states that his colleagues are striving to convince more legislators to support his bill.

He added that they are partnering with the House to allow the lawmakers to get ahead to allow a vote on the proposed constitutional amendment. But, Albritton intends to draft a comprehensive bill that will incorporate casinos, sports gambling and the lottery. He stated that there are conflicts among various gambling facilities, therefore, the House needs to review and approve the bill as a whole.


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