Aleks Ponakovs Leads the WSOPC Super MILLION$ $1 Million First-Place Prize Race

This week's GGPoker Super MILLION$ is unique since it forms the $150 million guaranteed World Series of Poker (WSOP) Winter Circuit festival. Most Super MILLION$ tournaments have one Day 1, yet, the recent one had several Day 1s.

The flights have a $1,095,775 first-place prize and a $7,220,000 prize pool. Aleks Ponakovs emerged as the winner, receiving the money and gold WSOP Circuit ring.

The Final Table's Chip Counts

  1. Aleks Ponakovs from Latvia – 16,420,942 chips and 103 big blinds
  2. Barak Wisbrod from Israel – 10,335,968 chips and 65 big blinds
  3. Biao Ding from Hong Kong – 9,189,402 chips and 57 big blinds
  4. Mike Watson from Canada – 8,180,845 chips and 51 big blinds
  5. Anatoly Filatov from Turkey – 7,454,944 chips and 47 big blinds
  6. Elio Fox from Mexico – 6,253,294 chips and 39 big blinds
  7. libre from Hong Kong – 5,881,997 chips and 37 big blinds
  8. Mark Radoja from Mexico – 5,701,547 chips and 36 big blinds
  9. Corenkas from Israel – 2,761,061 chips and 17 big blinds

Aleks Ponakovs leads the pack when the final table's action starts under GGPoker Twitch viewers. Reports state that Ponakovs has earned over $3.4 million in Super MILLION$ tournaments. He advanced to two consecutive final tables in February and won one event.

He has 16,420,942 chips as he leads other finalists. Barak Wisbrod follows Ponakovs with a 10,355,968 stack.

the former finished second in a recent Super MILLION$ and took home $285,278. Wisbrod needs to finish sixth or be in a better position to surpass his previous win.

Biao Ding is third with 9,189,402 chips. But, he isn't a regular at Super MILLION$ events as this is his 11th tournament to take part. Still, it is his first time to reach the Super MILLION$ final table.

The $10,300 Super MILLION$ Final Table's Payouts

  1. 1st player – $1,095,775
  2. 2nd player – $845,129
  3. 3rd player – $651,876
  4. 4th player – $502,857
  5. 5th player – $387,947
  6. 6th player – $299,340
  7. 7th player – $231,015
  8. 8th player – $178,329
  9. 9th player – $137,702

Mike Watson finished second in the last Super MILLION$ and is hopeful to win this week's event. He holds 8,180,845 chips as he advances to the final table. Even so, his stack puts him in the middle position when the action kicks off.

Watson has won over $6.6 million in GGPoker earnings from the Super MILLION$. He is optimistic to boost his earnings by claiming the $1,095,775 first-place prize.

Anatoly Filatov advanced to the Super MILLION$ final table in August and finished sixth. He returns to action with $7,454,944 chips.

Elio Fox follows Filatov with 6,253,294 chips. He won two WSOP bracelets in the past and is determined to bag a WSOPC ring. Still, this is his ninth final table to reach in 100 events.

"libre" advanced to the final table in his second Super MILLION$ entry. Yet, he holds 5,881,997 chips and is in great form as he has reached two final tables in the last five events.

Mark Radoja is eighth with 5,701,547 chips despite winning several Super MILLION$ titles. Also, this is his 14th Super MILLION$ final table to qualify.

Corenkas holds 2,761,061 chips as he advances to his maiden Super MILLION$ final table. He finished tenth after reaching the table in March.


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