Almaz Zhdanov Is Eyeing the Super MILLION$ Title Despite Winning a WSOP Bracelet

Almaz Zhdanov is infamous in some countries. Even so, he is a skilled poker tournament player.

Zhdanov recently beat 704 opponents to win a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em Deepstack Championship online tournament that GGPoker organized.

He took home $246,495. Still, the poker pro has a huge stack lead while advancing to the $10,300 Super MILLION$ event's final table.

The Final Table's Chip Counts

  1. Almaz Zhdanov from Montenegro – 6,094,536 chips or 152 big blinds
  2. Andrii Novak from Ukraine – 1,710,635 chips or 43 big blinds
  3. Dominykas Mikolaitis from Poland – 1,437,222 chips or 36 big blinds
  4. Thomas Muehloecker from Austria – 1,388,890 chips or 35 big blinds
  5. Rodrigo Sirichuk from Brazil – 1,381,856 chips or 35 big blinds
  6. Konstantin Maslak from Russia – 941,096 chips or 24 big blinds
  7. Niklas Astedt from Norway – 762,738 chips or 19 big blinds
  8. Leon "Rumuku!us" Sturm from Austria – 505,459 chips or 13 big blinds
  9. Chunlei Zhou from Hong Kong – 377,568 chips or nine big blinds

Action at the Final Table

The Super MILLION$ often has stacked final tables. Yet, there is no tangible reason why an ardent poker fan wouldn't predict that Zhdanov will win this week's tournament.

He has 6,094,536 chips or 52 big blinds, while Andrii Novak, his closest opponent, has 1,710,635 chips or 43 big blinds, which are more than three times less than Zhdanov's stack.

Novak is a regular high-stakes tournament player. Yet, he is still aspiring to win his first Super MILLION$ title despite earning about $1.55 million in the event. Even so, he has to overcome Zhdanov's huge stack first.

Dominyklas Mikolaitis is among the players who won a Super MILLION$ title in the past, as he took home $428,624 in February after winning the tournament. Besides, this is his second time to reach a Super MILLION$ final table, and he has 1,437,222 chips or 36 big blinds.

The Super MILLION$ Final Table's Payouts

  • 1st player – $317,265
  • 2nd player – $247,770
  • 3rd player – $193,498
  • 4th player – $151,114
  • 5th player – $118,014
  • 6th player – $92,164
  • 7th player – $71,976
  • 8th player – $56,210
  • 9th player – $43,898

Thomas Muehloecker stands in fourth place as action resumes. Regular Super MILLION$ viewers know that he won the first Super MILLION$ title after making 11 advances to the final table. Also, no one has ever had a worse run than him at the final table.

Muehloecker has a great opportunity to win his second Super MILLION$ title if he increases his starting 1,388,890 chips. Rodrigo Sirichuk has a seven-figure stack, and this is his second time to reach a Super MILLION$ final table. His poker winnings will surpass $500,000 if he finishes fourth or in a better position.

Konstantin Maslak is below Sirichuk with over $830,000 Super MILLION$ earnings. But, he has never won the tournament and has reached five final tables in the past. The player's 941,096 chips or 24 big blinds prompts him to make more swift moves.

Niklas Astedt, the Five-time Super MILLION$ Winner

Niklas Astedt is in the seventh position with 762,738 chips but has an opportunity to win the title. The Hendon Mob indicates that the poker pro has won almost $5.5 million in the tournament, thus tying Michael Addamo and Artur Martirosian.

Chunlei Zhou and Leon "Rumuku!us" Sturm have less chips than Astedt. Sturm is a novice in the Super MILLION$ since he has played in 12 tournaments so far.


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