An Unemployed Man Wins $888,000 Jackpot in Reno

The element of luck cannot be found anywhere in the periodic table of chemical elements. It has nothing to do with chemistry.

In fact, it has nothing to do with science either. It’s one of those mysteries that no scientist in the world can solve. Sometimes there’s lots of it, and sometimes, luck doesn’t come for days, months, or even years.

Many books have been written and movies made that have the luck element in their core. However, what’s better than fiction is real life, and one such movie-worthy situation happened recently in Atlantic Casino Resort & Spa, which is located in Reno, Nev.

Our story starts with a person named Lawrence Fuller. The thing with Fuller is that the element of luck wasn’t really present in his life for a very long time.

He has been unemployed for 15 years and really down on his luck. He managed to land a couple of short-term landscape jobs to get by but struggled to find full-time employment for a decade and a half.

Fuller Makes Life-Changing Bet

However, it seems that the element of luck decided to visit him while he was playing slots at Atlantis Casino Resorts & Spa. Fuller made a $1.80 bet on a penny slot machine in Atlantis and spun the reels, testing his luck.

He played for almost 20 minutes when he made the spin that would change his life. Somewhere around 1:52 am in the morning, he managed to hit the jackpot, winning a life-changing sum of $888,000.

To make things even more interesting, this isn’t the first time Fuller managed to hit a jackpot, although other jackpots were much lower compared to this one. In total, he managed to win $903,646 by playing penny slots.

All of his jackpots were checked and confirmed as completely legitimate. Moreover, all of them were won with low average bets.

Fuller was eager to discuss his victory. When asked what are his plans with the money, he just answered that he wanted to save it in the bank as he didn’t have any plans at that moment.

He added that he would use the money as soon as he decides what to do.

Super Lucky Times Pay — Machine That Issued the Prize

The game where Fuller managed to hit the jackpot is called Super Lucky Times Pay. The last time someone managed to land the biggest prize was 12 years ago.

After that, the sum of the progressive jackpot was reset to $1,000. From that point on, many tried to play the game and win the continuously increasing amount but failed to do it.

However, Fuller managed to change that, and now Super Lucky Times Pay has returned to its default jackpot value.

Penny slots don’t often give large jackpots that big, meaning that the one Fuller won could easily be considered one of the biggest in the past 10 years. However, Atlantis seems to be a lucky place as players are somewhat accustomed to winning big prizes in this casino.

Only three years ago, a player managed to win a total of $2 million by playing Keno. Moreover, back in 2014, an extremely lucky guest played the Wheel of Fortune slot and managed to win a total of $4 million!

In comparison to those wins, Fuller’s prize might not seem like much. On the other hand, winning $888,000 overnight is never a sum to undermine. It will definitely affect Fuller’s life for the better.


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