Andreas Nasman Wins His Second Super MILLION$ Title and $221,651

Andreas Nasman beat 101 entrants in the latest Super MILLION$ and won the title. He is GGPoker's latest player to take the title home. Nasman also won $221,651 after being the stack leader when action at the final table began.

He was the only finalist who retained many chips after two and a half hours of intense play at the table. GGPoker's YouTube channel live streamed the tournament as Dan "Jungleman" Cates joined Jeff Gross in the event.

The Final Table's Results

  1. Andreas Nasman from Finland – $221,651
  2. Arsenii Malinov from Mexico – $173,100
  3. ShangHigh from Mexico – $135,184
  4. Andrii Derzhypilskyi from Ukraine – $105,573
  5. Wiktor Malinowski from Macau – $82,448
  6. Yen-Liang "yao_poker" Yao from Taiwan – $64,388
  7. Elton "nothingworks" Tsang from Maldives – $50,284
  8. Niklas Astedt from Norway – $39,270
  9. Andras Nemeth from Austria – $30,668

Action at the Final Table

Andras Nemeth had the smallest stack when he advanced to the final table. He collected more chips as he had nine big blinds, which he increased to about 13 after using pocket sevens to make an early position open shove.

Andrii Derzhypilskyi used a superior pair of tens to call in the hole. Yet, Nemeth left the table after the tens held.

Niklas Astedt, a five-time Super MILLION$ winner, followed Nemeth. Nasman made a 60,000 min-raise using an ace-queen from the hijack and called Astedt's 439,706 jam. But the latter held an ace-nine.

The king-high board didn't help Astedt, and he exited the tournament in eighth place. Elton "nothingworks" Tsang got busted in seventh place despite winning the 2016 €1 million Big One for One Drop. He had 12 big blinds after the gun gave him pocket nines.

The player's 12 big blinds got into the felt's middle, and ShangHigh used ace-queen to call. Still, pocket nines were the best until the river got an ace, thus sending Tsang packing.

Yen-Liang "yao_poker" Yao also got eliminated on that blind level. Action folded to him on the button as an ace-seven earned him 22.5 big blinds. Wiktor Malinowski used pocket tens to call in the small blind, while Arsenii Malinov made an ace-eight-fold in the big blinds.

Malinowski got busted next despite collecting Yao's stack. His stack's size was enough to make him the chip leader when five players remained at the tournament. But, his pocket tens lost to Malinov's kings in a blind-versus-blind, and his big blinds were reduced to less than 20.

The player lost in a clash against Malinov and exited the event in fifth place. The latter made an 80,000 min-raise using ace-seven of diamonds under the gun. Malinowski used ace-eight to call, and the flop revealed jack-trey-eight having two diamonds.

Malinowski checked as Malinov wagered 160,000. The former made a 685,090 jam while the latter called. A flush appeared on the turn, and it eliminated Malinowski.

Derzhypilskyi was sent home a short while after Malinowski got busted. Malinov did an 80,000 min-raise from the button, and Nasman used pocket kings to three-bet to 360,000. Derzhypilskyi placed a four wager to 900,000 from a big blind and folded out Malinov.

Even so, Nasman raised enough chips to put Derzhypilskyi in. The latter used pocket jacks to call off 1,009,665 chips that he had. Nasman's kings were true as he drastically improved his stack position.

Six players left the tournament in the first 45 minutes, and the player count dropped after an hour. Nasman held pocket tens in the small blinds as he limped in with 50,000/100,000/12,500a. "ShangHigh" used an ace-queen suited to shove over ten big blinds as an eight-high board started heads-up play.

Nasman's Victory

Nasman had a small chip lead over Malinov as they went into a heads-up battle. But he couldn't shake him off for half an hour, and a coinflip turned on the final hand.

Malinov made a 320,000 min-raise as Nasman had a 960,000 raise that Malinov raised to 3,845,552. The latter called and revealed the ace-queen of spades against the former's pocket sixes. A flop ace ended Malinov's run as Nasman went home with the Super MILLION$ title.


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