Andrew Hulme Bags $102,522 at Sunday Million’s Bounty Builder Series Edition

Andrew “stato_1” Hulme has been busy this month. He recently celebrated his wedding anniversary with Holly, his wife, and they welcomed their first child.

Even so, PokerStars will kick off three Bounty Builder Series Main Events on October 29. Hulme signed up of Sunday Million’s Bounty Builder Series edition and won $102,522 after eliminating all his poker opponents.

The Bounty Builder Series 71: $215 NLHE 8-Max Sunday Million had 4,831 players, including re-entries and an initial $1 million guaranteed prize pool. However, the entrants formed an overlay on the pool. Its leading 783 participants shared half of the pool, and they shared bounties worth $500,000.

Each entrant collected bounties. Some of the talented players who got a share of the pool included Fabio “hdjgkfkgsdl” Sperling, Damian “pampa27” Salas, Ivan “Negrin” Luca, Daan “DaanOss” Mulders, and Andras “probirs” Nemeth.

The Tournament’s Largest Prizes

  1. Andrew “stato_1” Hulme from the UK-$39,485 bounties, a $63,037 prize and $102,522 total prize
  2. Joao “Joao Valli” Valli from Brazil-$13,913 bounties, a $63,033 prize and $76,946 total prize
  3. jagger97 from Brazil-$6,639 bounties, a $37,399 prize and $44,038 total prize
  4. giorgiopf1 from Brazil-$5,697 bounties, a $26,659 prize and $32,356 total prize
  5. Razvi_audi from Romania-$2,723 bounties, a $19,003 prize and $21,726 total prize
  6. THE MOVER 92 from the UK-$5,607 bounties, a $13,546 prize and $19,153 total prize
  7. elKKJitow from the UK-$250 bounties, a $9,656 prize and $9,906 total prize
  8. LaviniaPortella from Brazil-$381 bounties, a $6,883 prize and $7,264 total prize
  9. Nemi55514 from Austria-$3,027 bounties, a $4,906 prize and $7,933 total prize

How the Final Tabled Played

The final day’s action was fast-paced as the field drastically reduced to nine players who formed the final table, including four Brazilians. Each of the finalists was determined to win the Bounty Builder Series title and was keen not to make costly mistakes when moving their cards.

Nemi55514’s run ended in the ninth position with $7,933 after they underestimated their opponent. The Brazilian players were reduced to three shortly after Nemi55514’s exit when LaviniaPortella exited the event in eighth place.

elKKJitow and THE MOVER 92 followed them in seventh and sixth place after a few minutes. The remaining five players’ progressive bounty payments and pay jumps increased fast as they battled for a while.

Luck wasn’t on Razvi_audi’s side, as they got busted in the fifth position with $21,726. Joao Valli faced the two Brazilians and had to change their playing strategy to retain their chips.

giorgiopf1 left the table in fourth place with $32,356, and jagger97 followed them in the third position with $44,038. The latter’s exit kicked off a tough match between Hulme and Valli.

The two top players secured more than $63,000 from the prize pool and competed for the tournament’s largest bounty. Hulme outwitted Valli and eliminated him as the runner-up with $76,946 after bagging an almost $40,000 bounty.


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