Andrew Robl Wins High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 6

Andrew Robl is a renowned high-roller cash game expert who isn’t afraid of facing skilled opponents on the felt. The poker pro showed his prowess in PokerGO’s High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 6 on Monday night.

Five of the final table’s six participants had $1 million and above when the episode’s action kicked off. Yet, the table had an almost $8 million combined stack.

The Final Table’s Chip Stack

  1. Andrew Robl – $2,232,000
  2. Ferdinand Putra – $1,354,000
  3. Jean-Robert Bellande – $1,334,000
  4. Rob Yong – $1,320,000
  5. Rick Salomon – $1,000,000
  6. Charles Yu – $678,000

Rob Yong’s Early Cowboys

Rob Yong picked K♥K♣ and used it to raise a $10,000 pot. Still, Putra called him with 5♣4♦ as he held Q♠J♣.

The night’s first flop revealed 6♣A♥J♣ and an ace prompted Yong to use pocket kings to make his next move. All the players checked, and Yong wagered $10,000 on the 6♥ turn. But Yu had a middle pair, called, and the 2♠ landed on the river.

Yong focused on picking valuable cards. So, he wagered $20,000, that paid off. The player didn’t lose momentum as he aimed at getting the $ A♥10♠ in the three-bet pot.

The flop revealed 7♥4♠8♥ when $103,000 was in the middle. Salomon used 4♣3♣ to wager $40,000 on bottom pair as Yu called with A♠7♠.

3♠ landed on the turn, hence earning Salomon two pair. Still, Yu got a flush draw and many outs.

Salomon made an $80,000 raise and got a call before 10♣ landed on the river. Salomon and Yu checked, and two pair determined the $343,000 pot’s winner.

Charles Yu’s Resilience

Bellande used Q♥6♥ to make a $11,000 early position raise, and Robl used A♥K♣ to place the $40,000 three-bet. Yu hoped to recollect some of his lost chips, and he used A♠7♠ to make a $200,000 four-bet raise.

Robl jammed all-in against his rival’s $484,000. Yu had to call urgently and put his stack in Big Slick. The flop revealed 4♠6♠9♣, and the weaker hand had hope.

8♥ landed on the turn, hence combining a straight draw with the flush draw. Nevertheless, Yu witnessed 18 outs just before the K♥ landed on the river hence earning Robl the first run out.

The flop revealed K♥ on the second board, and Robl won the $982,000 pot. The deal was sealed after the 10♥ landed on the turn.

Robl’s Winning Moves

Robl used A♠J♦ to place a $30,000 wager at a 3♣10♣5♥ flop when $48,000 was in the middle. Salomon used 10♠10♥ to make a $125,000 check raise that prompted Yu to use 7♣4♣ searching for flush and straight draws. Robl used 10♦7♦ to make a $15,000 preflop raise, and Putra called with 8♥8♦.

The flop revealed A♥8♣3♥ as Putra made a $250,000 raise and a full house. However, Robl won the episode despite making a costly mistake in the final hand. PokerGO will air High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 7 on September 18 at 5 p.m. PT.


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