Antetokounmpo Files For “Greek Freak” Trademark

Milwaukee Bucks forward and reigning MVP of the National Basketball Association, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has applied for a trademark. Antetokounmpo is hoping to trademark the nickname, “Greek Freak,” which is what he is commonly referred to as around the NBA.

The reason that Antetokounmpo is looking to trademark the nickname is for potential use with an online gaming company. There are at least five applications on file at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but two of these applications are dead.

There are a pair of filings that are still alive for the words Greek Freak, and another application is for the trademark of Greek Fr34k. Antetokounmpo wears the number 34 with the Milwaukee Bucks.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office requires applicants to specifically state what the trademarks are intended to be used for. On the two applications using the “Greek Freak” trademark, Antetokounmpo mentions that they would be used for online gambling or the use of a website.

The other application using the “Greek Fr34k” is submitted in hopes of using that slogan in a line of men’s products. Beverages and snacks are also included as a part of that application, and it is similar to a previous application that died out in 2014.

Even though this application does not mean that Antetokounmpo is looking to get involved in the online gaming business at this time, it shows that he is planning ahead. Athletes have been more involved in online gambling over the last few years, even though many of the top professional sports leagues have tried to steer clear of the industry.

It is unclear what role Antetokounmpo would have in the online gaming or sports betting industry, but he would be ahead of the game if his trademark is approved. Several industry sources have indicated that other players are keeping a close eye on this process, and they could follow suit with a trademark request of their own.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry has already been approached about many investments in the sports betting industry, but he has turned them down in the past. The NBA is one of the more progressive leagues when it comes to sports betting, but most players have stayed away in the past.

Betting on NBA games is strictly prohibited for NBA players, and most of the players prefer to stay away completely. That could change if this trademark is approved, although Antetokounmpo would not be involved in the gambling process.

Antetokounmpo makes over $20 million annually in endorsements, which puts him in a tie for the fourth-most in the NBA.

Reigning MVP Apologizes For Hacked Twitter Account

Earlier this week, Giannis Antetokounmpo was forced to apologize for his Twitter account being hacked. His bank account was also hacked, but the most damaging were the tweets that were sent out.

There were several incredibly crude and inappropriate tweets sent out by the hacker, and many NBA stars were included. The account made tweets in reference to LeBron James, and also mentioned that Antetokounmpo was announcing that he was going to the Golden State Warriors.

One of the worst tweets that was sent out was a tweet referencing the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Antetokounmpo quickly had his family members announce that his account was hacked, and the tweets were deleted after just a few minutes.

Antetokounmpo issued an apology statement a day after the tweets and made it clear that he does not believe anything that was included in the messages. The Milwaukee Bucks also announced that they support their superstar and are launching a full investigation into the matter.


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