Are Teams Going to Align with Sportsbooks Companies?

Due to changes in both legislation and restrictions placed upon them by Covid-19 and playing behind closed doors, it’s believed that many sports teams are looking at partnering up with sportsbook companies. This is certainly something that could prove beneficial for both parties, but how likely is it that deals can be struck?

The fact that we are even discussing it shows a distinct change in the way that sports teams are looking at betting. Previously, they believed that it would compromise the integrity of sport and their team. However, as more states make it legal to bet on sports, it does appear as if the tide is turning when it comes to their opinions.

Teams That Already Have Links

It does appear as if there’s real momentum in this area. So far in 2020, teams like the Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics, and the 76ers have all penned deals with DraftKings, a company that also deals in fantasy sports on a daily basis, so it makes it a cool partnership, and that’s just the start with the NBA.

But then there’s the NFL, and they appear to be a bit slower off the mark. However, the Chicago Bears and the Colts do have links with PointsBet, an online sportsbook launched in March 2020. This isn’t the first time the Colts have linked up with someone in this way as they did have a deal with FanDuel back in 2019.

As we said, this number is only going to increase in the near future, but what do they get out of it?

Reasons for These Links

Well, there’s no doubt that revenue is at the root of it all. It’s hoped that fans will be able to take advantage of special promotional deals with the sportsbooks aligned to their team, and with fan loyalty it does mean they are likely to remain clients for some time. That results in the potential for a significant boost to revenue for teams that are all suffering from a lack of finance thanks to the pandemic.

How a Fan Benefits

As a supporter of the team, you can also expect a whole host of fun things coming your way from the sportsbooks companies. This is something that varies depending on the company and team in question, but keep an eye out for cool bonuses that are likely to come your way.

The teams have also cast an eye over to Europe and the way in which a number of the big sports teams, which primarily means soccer, have forged partnerships with these same kinds of companies. This has led to a serious boost to their marketing and brand awareness leading to not only more revenue from the betting aspect but also from other merchandise connected to the teams in question.

US sports teams only have to look across the pond to see how these links can help their business. However, from a sports fan perspective, what’s better than being able to bet on sports and also help your team in the process? We await to see how many teams follow those early pacesetters throughout the course of the next 12 months as more sportsbooks companies open across the country and seek more partnerships with those teams that are eager to have their name associated with this new form of gaming.


Logan is based in Los Angeles and is an avid poker player having played in tournaments across the globe. He covers both poker & regulatory affairs.